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21 Impressive Ways To Keep Your Mattress Looking Like New

In today’s success-driven environment, most people seem to care only about what keeps them busy during the day, edging out the small factors that keep them rested at night. What many don’t realize is that sleeping time is just as important as waking moments. Since we spend roughly a third of our entire lifetime sleeping, it’s just right that we should invest on a good sleeping environment. That includes a good mattress.

good mattress

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A 2011 poll on bedroom environment and sleep by the National Sleep Foundation revealed that 92% of people believe that a comfortable and clean bed can largely contribute to a good night’s sleep. Perhaps you’ve already heard that a good sleep and a good life are closely related. When you’re well-rested, you can enrich your relationships better, and that creates a chain reaction that ripples into every aspect of your life. Who would’ve known that a lump of foam could greatly affect your life?

Purchasing a durable mattress is just one step. What you do to maintain the quality of the mattress is what matters more. Here are 21 cleaning hacks to keep your mattress in top condition.


1. Remove all polythene wrappings

Let’s say you just bought a new mattress. If you purchased the kind that comes wrapped in polythene, make sure to remove this material before using the mattress. Polythene wraps keep the mattress damp, so mildew is more likely to form inside the foam. Peel off all wraps that come with the mattress unless the manufacturer advises otherwise


2. Use a mattress protector to cover it

uratex mattress topper

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Mattress protectors are designed to help you practice good sleep hygiene. They keep skin oils, dead skin cells, sweat, dust, dirt, and spilled liquids from accumulating in the mattress. They also make cleaning easier since you don’t have to strip off the mattress every time there’s a spill. Uratex offers a wide array of mattress protectors for your bed.


3. Prop the mattress up on a sturdy foundation

To achieve maximum comfort, make sure that your mattress has a proper support. Usually, a box spring would do for a spring mattress, but a memory foam mattress often requires a sturdier support. King and queen beds also need to be mounted on a stronger foundation that has central support bars. The type of foundation you use should be based on the type, size, and make of your mattress. It’s never advisable to place a mattress on top of a base that is not intended for it.


4. Use materials made with synthetic fiber

made with synthetic fiber

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5. Air the bed every morning

Leaving the doors and windows of your bedroom open in the morning is a simple way to keep your mattress clean. As air circulates inside your room, your body moisture evaporates from the mattress, leaving it dry and clean. Make this a habit every morning. Allot half an hour to air your bedroom and keep mildew away.


6. Change sheets every week

This is one of the most basic home keeping tips that you should be responsible enough to do. It’s not just to keep your mattress clean but to practice good hygiene as well. Change your bed sheet at least once a week to keep your sleeping quarters free from dust mites. You wouldn’t want these small intruders in your bed, would you?


7. Leave the mattress under the sun

mattress under the sun

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One of the easy ways to clean a mattress is to keep it exposed to sunlight. This works the same way as airing out the bed. What you’re trying to achieve is a mattress that is free from humidity. This doesn’t require putting your mattress outside the house to let it bask under the sun. All you have to do is find a spot in your bedroom or anywhere in the house that is penetrated by sunlight. It’s a natural way to disinfect your mattress.


8. Vacuum the mattress

General cleaning tips often apply to keeping a mattress in top condition. Vacuuming is one example. By vacuuming the bedding and the surface of the mattress, you’re keeping the dust mite population at bay. To keep your mattress smelling fresh, fill it with lavender scent before vacuuming. If you’re not a fan of fragrance, apply baking soda instead. It cancels out the odors in the mattress. Vacuum your mattress regularly to keep it clean.


9. Wash the mattress every few months

Who doesn’t want a clean foam to sleep on? While vacuuming is an effective way to keep a mattress clean, it’s not always enough. You need to wash the mattress every now and then to really disinfect it. Just be careful about using harsh chemical cleaners since they tend to speed up the foam’s deterioration. Soap and water are enough to give your mattress a good wash. You don’t have to do this kind of maintenance regularly—several times of mattress cleaning a year is enough. Make sure that before you make up the bed again, the mattress is fully dry. Otherwise, you just provided a breeding ground for mildew and dust mites.


10. Wash the sheets, linens, and pillow cases

 sheets, linens, and pillow cases

Photo courtesy of Erika Wittlieb via Pixabay

Your sheets, linen, and pillow cases harbor bacteria and allergens, so they need to be cleaned often. Even when you have a mattress protector, it’s still important to follow this simple home cleaning tip to keep your bed hygienic. To effectively kill dust mites, wash your beddings with hot water. The recommended temperature is around 130° Fahrenheit. Also, it’s important to remember that it’s not just about what you do but how often you do it. Establish a routine for washing your beddings.


11. Treat stains using dry suds

Mattress cleaning isn’t always easy. Sometimes, you will be confronted with tough stains that are just too difficult to remove with a simple wash. Manufacturers recommend that you use upholstery shampoo or dry suds to remove those smudges. Just don’t over soak the mattress or you’ll ruin its structure.


12. Use a dryer sheet to remove odors

To prevent your mattress from absorbing foul odors, place a dryer sheet or sachet under your bed sheet. It doesn’t have to be new, a used one will do. Dryer sheets have an absorbent feature that keeps bad odors from lingering in your mattress. In fact, they even give off a pleasant smell.


13. Keep pets away from the bed

Keep pets away from the bed

Photo courtesy of Adrianna Calvo via Pexels

There are many ways to maintain the cleanliness of mattresses, but none of them will work if you keep your furry pets in the bed. Animal dander is an allergen that is not supposed to be in the bedroom, let alone the bed itself. You can’t achieve a peaceful sleep if your cat or dog is lying with you in bed. Give your pets a separate sleeping place so you can have the mattress to yourself. Consider it as your personal space that not even a pet should intrude.


14. Keep furry stuff away from the bed

If you’re keeping your furry pets away from the bed, better do it to your furry stuffed toys as well. They may not produce real animal dander, but stuffed toys harbor dust mites and dirt particles. These things can get in the way of a good night’s sleep, plus they can make the mattress more susceptible to dust and dirt.


15. Flip and rotate the mattress every season

Some manufacturers recommend that mattresses should be flipped and rotated every season. This is to promote even wear on all sides of the mattress. If you tend to sleep on the same side of the bed, depressions will form on that side, and that will be uncomfortable if you’re planning to use your mattress for a long time. Rotating the mattress 180° and flipping it from back to front will make it last longer. Needless to say, this isn’t applicable to pillow-top mattresses.


16. Avoid jumping on the bed

Although it’s super fun to jump on the bed, it’s not ideal if you’re a practical person. Your mattress will take enough wear in its lifetime without you speeding its deterioration. Jumping on the bed will damage your mattress’ internal composition, box spring, and even the frame. If you’re really itching to jump on a bouncy surface, buy a trampoline.


17. Keep temperatures low

keep temperatures low

Photo courtesy of ErikaWittlieb via Pixabay

Research suggests that people can sleep better in environments that have cooler temperatures. Unless yours have kept up with new mattress technology and it can regulate its own temperature, you need to adjust the temperature in the bedroom yourself to make it more comfortable to sleep in. Also, dust mites actually hate low temperatures because they can’t breed when there’s not enough moisture in the air. This should be a cause for celebration, so buy a dehumidifier now and reduce house temperature to about 40% to kill off those parasites.


18. Get rid of bed bugs

get rid of bed bugs

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Bed bugs are your mattress’ worst enemies—and they should be yours, too. All you’ll get out of them are bed bug bites, which, although not exactly harmful, are pretty annoying. To ward off these bugs, use a mattress encasement that has impenetrable zippers. This way, bed bugs can’t infiltrate your mattress and ruin your sweet dreams.


19. Use a plastic cover when moving the bed

When you need to transfer the mattress to another location, secure it with a plastic wrap to prevent scratches and other damages. Also, make sure that the cover is properly sealed to keep dirt from forming in the mattress.


20. Avoid rolling up the mattress when moving it

Another thing to keep in mind when moving the mattress is to keep it upright. Don’t fold it because that can cause creases and permanent distortion. The shape of your mattress is essential in keeping it cozy and comfortable.

For you to sleep better, remember to take care of your mattress. Keep these maintenance tips in mind so that you won’t wear yours out even before due date. After all, you can think of it as giving back to your sleep cradler after all the days and nights it took care of your z’s.