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Colors that Help you Doze Off

Our bedroom is a sacred place in the sense that it presents who we are. Our personal room gives us the relaxing ambiance that we need after a stressful day. This tranquil, comforting mood would be all the more better if we personalize every corner of our blessed sanctuary.

Select the color that represents your individuality most and attach it on your walls, curtains, closets, carpets, bed sheets or any bedroom accessories you have like paintings, tables, etc. Giving your room a personal touch would give it a more comforting atmosphere. Make your own world within your own room by embellishing it with your favorite color. To be surrounded by the color that you love is to reward yourself with an endless supply of positive aura. This way, you can escape stress and feed yourself with calmness. Every person has his/her own favorite color, and it’s healthy for us to know what our personal color implies.

Bedroom with Red Theme


Sizzling with passionate, red is the warmest color of all. Danger and survival is often associated with this color. It also symbolizes love, confidence, courage and action. Fill your personalized bedroom with this color if you want to have a more passionate feel within your room. It somehow helps you decrease fear and anxieties. Coziness is one of its positive effects, especially when you face cold winter nights.

Bedroom with Orange Theme


This zesty color symbolizes warmth. It is said that orange is one of the healing colors. It brings happiness and bright aura to anyone who lays their eyes on it. This color is often associated with creativity, vitality, enthusiasm, endurance and power. Some say that people who like this color are commonly sincere, energetic, and thoughtful. Apply this color into your room for a peacefully calm feeling.

Bedroom with Yellow Theme


Oh how bright and sunny is this color. Yellow symbolizes friendship, wisdom, joy, happiness and intellect. It positive vibe that resembles the brightness of the sun uplifts our mood. If you want to relieve yourself from any exhaustion or nervousness, this color offers the most soothing touch for you. Yellow, in all its shining glory, helps you deal your emotions in an increasingly positive way.

Bedroom with Green Theme


Spell N.A.T.U.R.E. and this color will suddenly pop up into your mind. This color possesses the feeling of freshness and freedom. It encourages balance and harmony. Its natural effect gives us the imagination of being surrounded by nature. It symbolizes fertility and life. Long time ago, Egyptians wore green eyeliners; they believed it improved eyesight. Let your room wear this color for a balanced mood.

Bedroom with Blue Theme


Water, sky, twilight… these are some of the images that are being associated to this color. Blue symbolizes sincerity, confidence, truth, protection and peace. This color also introduces solitude, serenity and peace to our inner self. Make blue the color of your room, and let its soothing aura engulf you. This color helps attract good, peaceful vibes.

Bedroom with Violet Theme


It is the color of magic, royalty and mystery. Violet is the result of the combination of the coolest and warmest colors: Blue and Eed. It’s often being tagged to meditation and inspiration. Some say that people who indulge into this color are those who seek spiritual fulfillment. Apply this color into your room to balance coolness and warmth.

Bedroom with Pink Theme


Pink is said to be the color of beauty. It enhances finesse and sophistication. Its darker shade evokes a passionate vibe while its lighter shade implies soothing, loving, caring, feminine energy. This color is the result of white and red, which is the balance of fierceness and purity. It gives a delicate mood of tenderness, love and acceptance. If you want to increase the feeling of being content and relaxed within your bedroom, the richness of pink will do just that.

Bedroom with Brown Theme


Born symbolizes order and strength. It is also often associated with earth and wood, which implies solidity and security. Brown sometimes implies a dull effect upon objects, although it provides stability and can focus mental energies. It can help you remain unnoticed if you don’t want to be in regarded in a high profile.

Bedroom with White Theme


Peace, purity, clarity. The color white is the most sensitive color of all. Many don’t consider white as an actual color because it’s blank and opaque. What they don’t realize is that, without this color, there wouldn’t be any balance. It is not a color of emptiness, but a color of beginning – the foundation of colorful imaginations. It symbolizes virginity, kindness, and truth. You could use this color as your room’s theme for a more solemn, relaxing mood.

Bedroom with Grey Theme


Associated with friendship and simplicity, gray symbolizes sorrow and loneliness, but it also implies security and maturity. With a shinier feature, it could be tagged as silver, which enhances the feel of metal and solidity. If you want a conservative effect in your room, make use of this color; it gives a neutral effect in moods in the way it can enhance or reduce other colors around it.

Bedroom with Black Theme


Like the color white, black is often dismissed as a color. It doesn’t have anything on it that you could consider as a color. It is the absence of color. Black represents fear, mystery, and threat. It’s fascinating how it can evoke both a sense of danger and obscurity. Using this color in your room sets an open door for elegance and mystery.

Whether you use your favorite color to design your room or not, as long as you are relaxed and calm with the choice of color in your room, that would be good enough. Now that you know how colors can help enhance your room, start exploring!