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Comfy Mattress vs. Sleeping Pills

Sleeping pills are a tempting solution to your sleep difficulties, but this quick fix poses several risks to your health.

There are nights when we can’t go to sleep, no matter how tired we are. Internal factors would include worrying too much, very active brain activities, and recent sleeping pattern; meanwhile, external factors would include light in the room, noise, and even the bed itself.

While some of us would just wait it out until we become too tired to stay awake, others would prefer to pop a sleeping pill. While the increase in usage of sleeping pills vary per country, we can’t deny that the option to use sleeping pills has become a popular choice as seen in the number of ads and the number of brands available in drug stores. Clearly, this product has a market among Filipinos today.

The easy way out

You might say: “So what if I use a sleeping pill every once in a while? It’s cheap and effective. It won’t hurt if I take it once in a while.” While this is a valid argument, these drugs – just like any other drug – can lead to addiction. While sleeping pills do solve the immediate problem of sleeping difficulty for that night, the side effects are not worth it.

The short term side effects include a dramatic drop in your performance the following day because these sleeping pills disrupt the natural chemical activities of your body, memory loss, sleep-walking, and not to mention the sleeping problem you’ll experience the following day as a result of the disrupted sleep. And then there’s the long term side effects which include dependency on the drug, financial expenditure on the drug, and at the extreme — severe illness  or death.

Go for the long-haul solution

While sleeping pills may be a workaround, this is not — and should not be — the permanent solution. When having sleeping problems, you should take a look at the factors that is causing this problem. The first thing you can do is look at your daily activities: are you sleeping on a regular time? are you taking too many naps within the day? are you eating too much food prior to sleeping?

If you think you’ve been doing everything you can to make you sleep soundly but you still have difficulties sleeping, then you should begin to look at the external factors. Most of the time, the external factor is the bed you’re using. The bed might not be made of the best material for a good night’s sleep. Sleep is a very important human activity and it’s only fitting that one invest on a good bed for his or her benefit.

Uratex is known for the technology it uses to create beds that guarantee you a good night’s rest. When it comes to sleep, it’s definitely better to invest for a good night’s sleep every night through a good sleeping bed than taking the sleeping pill and hoping that you’ll be able to do your tasks well the next day.

Go beyond quick fixes - look at your habits, daily routines, and the external factors in order to find a sustainable solution for your sleeping problems.