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I Dreamt That! 6 Common Dreams and What They Might Mean


Our trusty and beloved bed foams have always been there to help us catch some good Zzz’s. With great deep slumber come peculiar and at times astonishing dreams, however, and some of these dreams visit us more frequently than others. Below is a short list of things commonly dreamt by people.




There are different and specific interpretations when it comes to dreams about babies. For some, it might represent that feeling of vulnerability that comes with loving or being loved. For others, it might mean an urge to start your life anew. Several parent wannabe’s take it as a sign to start having children. Many even attribute it to the joy they may be experiencing at the moment – especially if the visiting baby is smiling or laughing.


Being Chased

being chased

At times scary and torturous but more often hilarious, being chased in Dreamland could only imply one thing: that you’re feeling threatened by something or someone. That entity trying to capture you might simply be a representation of yourself, and that you’re hiding something. Most of the time, though, dreams wherein the subjects are chased mean that they’re very scared or is letting fear rule and devour their lives and activities.




Death is probably the scariest thing you will ever dream about, whether it’s yours or someone else’s. Death-themed dreams only imply that something in your life recently ended. There’s no need to worry, really. And you shouldn’t put any prophetic or premonition implications on this type of dream, either (unless otherwise proven, of course). It’s just a dream, buddy!



dreaming about food

They say that dreams incorporate stuff people wish for in their subconscious, and  we tend to want to dream about something (or someone) in our sleep. Well, while most of us can’t choose what or who we dream about at night, food seems to be an exception! Basically, there isn’t any special meaning to it save the fact that you might’ve gone to bed hungry and that you’re body is screaming at you to get some for goodness sake! Sometimes, though, this dream might be a way for your body to tell you to start a healthier diet and lay off those junk foods.



marilyn read painting

Any type of animal, as long as they exist in your dreams and regardless of what they’re doing, usually symbolizes the connection between your psyche and nature. However, if you’ve seen a specific animal in your dreams, its meaning would depend on what kind of animal it is. Some people believe that these animals somewhat reflect your own unique personality, and they’re there in your dreams to teach you something about yourself as well as guide you into becoming a better person.



falling dream

Falling dream sequences are quite common and it usually jolts you out of your slumber. However, there are some falling dreams that seem endless. There you continue to freefall, and you can’t envision yourself landing. Either way, this type of dream reflects a sense of failure, as well as fear for your future.


Regardless of what you may have dreamt about, it’s best if you don’t put too much stock on it (unless there’s credible reason to do so). Dreams are, after all, created by your subconscious, no more, no less!