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What are the Most Common Nightmares? (Part 1)

Dreams don’t have discretion when choosing who they’ll come to. They don’t care about your social standing, your accomplishments, your relationships, or your status in life. Dreams are out of your control regarding how they will come. You have no power over what form it will enter your mind while sleeping. Be it a pleasant dream or a nightmare, they come nonetheless.

Everyone experiences nightmares. You might say that you haven’t had one for as long as you remember, but that’s the catch. Not remembering it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Did you know that the average person experiences 4 to 7 dreams in one night of sleep? Most people briefly wake up in few intervals with a vague memory of one or two dreams.

Having a Nightmare

You usually forget the majority of the dreams you’ve had because you tend to only remember the last ones you encounter. Surely you’ve had a mix of good and bad dreams in a night; it’s just that you can’t remember them all

But what about the nightmares that you do remember? With some people, a certain kind of nightmare seems to be more prevalent while others tend to have more varying experiences. But within a macrocosm of dreamers, what are the most common types of nightmares? In this two-part article, we’ll discuss just that. As you read further, try to determine which nightmare type has haunted you the most.

Being Chased or Running

This course of action is usually the cause of being overwhelmed by the feeling of being chased or followed. Your brain simulates muscle movement even though you’re simply twitching in real life. Like all nightmares, this one feels so real and scary, and you can’t quite fully understand it even after you wake up.

Getting Lost

You can be lost in the woods, in a supermarket, a mall, or even amidst a new geographic location (urban or rural) that your subconscious made up. This circumstance usually prompts the dreamer to aimlessly wander deeper into a darker, vaguer place until he or she is finally rescued by the alarm clock.

Freddy KruegerFalling or About to Fall

Arguably the most common nightmare of all, this frightening sensation is surely the cause of many disturbed slumbers. You feel a “kick” that brings you back to reality that twitches almost all of your muscles. In the scenario, you’re either falling down straightforward or sliding down without any control of your speed or direction.

Drowning or Suffocation

This is usually the cause of a nocturnal hyperventilation. Being underwater and unable to swim, or being tied to a heavy object rapidly sinking to the bottom of a body of water is definitely never a pleasurable dream scenario, especially when you awake from it feeling stressed and sweaty.

Getting Caught in a Disaster

It can be an earthquake, a landslide, a hurricane, or a flood. You’re probably at home with some people or just alone. Scurrying back and forth trying to “evacuate” in your dream, this brings back or creates feelings of urgency for an impending fictitious calamity.

Do most of them seem familiar so far? It’s weird to think about, right? Yeah, you’re not the only one who experiences them. So that’s just the first portion of this two-part series that cover the most common nightmares. In the next entry, I’ll tell you about six more common nightmares that may have invaded your subconscious in the past.