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What are the Most Common Nightmares? (Part 2)

Bad Dream

Didn’t find the nightmare that bugs you the most in Part 1? Don’t worry. We still have five more nightmares to discuss. So sit back, relax, read ahead, and hold on to your dreamcatchers!

Being Late for Something

Involves running again, but this time, it’s not because you’re being chased – it’s because you’re late for something. Maybe it’s for a class, a bus, a plane, a date, or sometimes you don’t even know for what. Your brain just gives you this feeling of “I need to go now” that causes a horrible feeling of “oh no.”


Nothing can be worse having your brain imagine and visualize your demise. It can be something as simple as being in a death-bed for no reason and slowly dying to a terminal illness to something insufferably violent like being eaten by a lion or being the target of an execution firing squad. Ouch.

Being Inappropriately Dressed

This right here is a social tragedy even in the land of sleep. Most of the time, you’re either underdressed, wearing clothes with holes in it, or being completely naked in a public place. Though the other occupants of your dream may not notice your lack of cloth and linen, you will most definitely be conscious of your public display of nudity. A nightmare indeed.


More of a “what the heck, that was so random” dream instead of a nightmare, this can grow form freaking you out to making you think it’s actually happening in real life. It ranges from your teeth rotting and quickly growing bad to having them fall off your jaw completely. Yikes.

Machine Failure

Mostly because it puts your subconscious into helpless and hopeless situations, machine failure nightmares involves the breaking down of certain devices when you most need them. It could be that you’re stuck in a downhill road with all sorts of brakes broken, or being unable to use your phone to call for help. Where’s Superman when you need him?

Failing a Task

It can be a test or a physical activity or something that challenges you. Here, you fail and feelings of disappointment, or guilt and sorrow, or both, overwhelm you. It gives you negative vibes that you might even carry over to your reality. Sucks.

Stressful as they may be, these experiences are all normal. Nightmares don’t really indicate that there’s something wrong with you. In fact, it shows how imaginative and how creative your brain can be, which goes both ways – in creating good and bad dreams. Never let nightmares stop you from getting a good night’s sleep! Good night and sweet dreams indeed!