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Whenever, Wherever: Common Spots For The Sleepyhead (Besides The Bedroom)

bed mattress uratex napSleep can come at any given moment, so you can’t just hit the bed mattress whenever it arrives. That’s why it’s not so surprising to find yourself taking a nap wherever and whenever simply because you feel drowsy. And among the many places where you steal a few moments of shuteye in, here are perhaps the most common.

uratex sleeping bed mattress libraryThe Library

Because of the libraries’ universal protocol of silence, it is no wonder that anyone will have the desire to steal some sleep in here. With shelves upon shelves of books about different topics and genres, one will feel calm and at ease staying in such place. Also, seasonal murmurs from other library visitors can give a very hypnotic effect that will allow you to go to sleep. And if you have a hard time sleeping despite all of those things, you can always grab a book that will either make you wish you were dreaming – like a fairy tale book – or put you to sleep; a textbook should do the trick.

sleeping floor uratex bed mattressThe Floor

Carpeted or not, there is something rather enticing about sleeping on the floor despite the fact that it’s obviously uncomfortable to do so. It’s probably the flatness of the floor that makes you think it’s perfect for the back. And when carpeted, the furry and comfortable sensation will make it seem so welcoming. But of course, it’s obviously not. And if a carpeted floor isn’t ideal to sleep in, then it should be a dead giveaway that a cold tiled floor is a bad idea, as you’ll be shivering and hurting when it’s time to rise and shine. Then again, at the very least, sleeping on the floor has one merit: you don’t have to worry about falling!

uratex bed mattress sleeping public transportationPublic Transportation

You’ve been told by your parents or guardians that it’s a very bad idea to sleep in public utility vehicles, but with the long and slow travel hours, you just can’t help it! Besides, instead of getting angry with how heavy the traffic is or on how indecisive another driver is, it would be better to just take a snooze instead.

On the other hand, if the travel is fast and continuous and the air is cold (whether it’s from the AC or the outside), then just add great music and you’ll be on your way to dreamland.

But of course, you’re only allowed to do this when you’re not the one who’s driving.

coffee shop sleeping bed mattress uratexCoffee Shops

Coffee shops – one of the most comfortable places that existed, if we disregard the overcrowding of customers thanks to pop culture trends. To be fair though, coffee shops are an ideal place to take a nap in. Then again, sleeping in a place that serves something that keeps you awake is kind of ironic, isn’t it? Well, not really, since coffee shops play relaxing jazz music or acoustic covers of famous pop songs, couches, a chill environment, and of course, the smell of freshly ground beans. With this soothing ambience, you can’t help but close your eyes, especially if you’re tired. And if you have problems with the great number of customers in the coffee shop you’re in, you can always look up online or scour the city for a less populated one.

These places are not originally intended for people to count sheep in, but you can’t really stop them from doing so in these places. You’re free to imitate them, but it will never be as comfortable as sleeping on your own bed.