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Eight Urban Condo Design Ideas for Small Space

If you are a condo owner dealing with limited spaces, you know very well the challenge of designing and expanding your place so it does not look cramped and restricting. Luckily, you do not have to deal with costly and time-consuming renovations to make your space appear more expansive and airy. Read on for clever and cost-efficient condo design ideas for small spaces.

Planning is everything

Condo Design Planning is Everything

Photo courtesy of Pixabay via Pexels

Thorough planning is essential if you are working on a small space. You can start by figuring out your needs, and how you will be using the house. For instance, ponder on whether you will be cooking a lot, or if there is enough ready-made food in the neighborhood that you would not be using your kitchen a lot. If you find your case is the latter, then spare yourself the space-hogging appliances and go for the bare necessities such as a basic oven, cooktop, coffee-maker and fridge. You may also opt for a smaller sink, and keep the knick and knacks behind louvered doors. This way, you can free up your multi-purpose kitchen island, and turn it into your main dining area.

Be smart about storage

Condo Design Smart with Storage

Photo courtesy of Tookapic via Pexels

One other key thing you would have to plan well is your home’s storage. Organizing every nook and cranny is key to maximizing space. Yet again, you must choose organizers or cabinets that are just as decorative as they are functional.

Narrow wall shelves propped up against your bathroom wall are great for storing essentials in a stylish way. Shop for attractive canisters that can hold your cotton balls, cotton swabs and lotion. Store unsightly toiletries, like your pads and toilet papers, under the vanity. You may also use small wicker baskets placed on open shelves for additional storage.

You can forego the bulky and closed-in kitchen cupboards and opt for open storage shelves. This option is especially great for separating the dining area from the kitchen while keeping the space open and airy. More than just creating two separate rooms out of a small kitchen, the floor-to-ceiling shelves also make for a great storage space for your pretty glassware and favorite items.

Maximize use of space

Condo Design Maximize the Use of Space

Photo courtesy of Pixabay via Pexels

Do not allow a single space in your room to go to waste. Make sure that all the stuff you have are every bit as functional as they are decorative. The Grandis Sofabed, for instance, is a perfect combination of form and function. More than its sleek aesthetics that work well with neutral schemes, this piece is remarkable for its multipurpose design. Sit back and relax with its high backseat. Extend the ottoman to the sofa, and you instantly have a chaise lounge. You can also create a cushioned bench by stacking the ottoman inside. This sofabed is perfect if you are the type who hosts a house guest every now and then. Simply fold out the ottoman in the middle, and you have a relaxing sleeping space ready. Best of all, the Grandis Sofabed can function as an accent table.

Do not ignore the small nooks

Condo Design Small Nooks

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Do not leave any space unused in your small bedroom. For instance, you can turn the small nook between two small closets into a workstation. You can build a simple desk that is attached to the wall, and install shelves above it for extra space for storing and displaying books. Add in a bed that turns into a sofa by day, and you have enough room to move around.

Fold it up

Condo Design Fold It Up

Photo courtesy of Unsplash via Pexels

Foldable furniture pieces are excellent options for small condo spaces. Dining tables with drop leaves that can be turned into a smaller piece work great for your dining-slash-living room. The Ohana Modular Sofabed is yet another great piece if you want to have a comfortable, spacious bed as well as enough floor space in your bedroom to allow you the freedom of movement. Simply fold it into its sofa form when you are up and about. Go for versatile pieces of furniture for every room in your condo home to free up as much space as possible.

Choose the Right Hues

Condo Design Choos the Right Hues

Photo courtesy of Pixabay via Pexels

While dark colors are design-friendly, they are not your best option if you are dealing with a small space as they make a room appear smaller. It is best to stick to lighter colors like cream, lighter shades of blue, and pale grays. These hues will have your place feeling light, open and airy.

Going monochromatic also does wonders for making a small space look bigger. You can have your walls, trims, and detailing painted in varying shades of one color, such as beige, off-white and white to expand a room. For an open-air, French-inspired room, you can complement white walls with trim and detailing painted a very pale shade of gray. You can easily indulge your craving for vibrant colors by adding in an accent piece such as the Strata Sofabed, which comes in playful color variations of kiwi green, wineberry and teal.

There is one area great for a dark color. Painting your ceiling a dark hue will create depth. You can also add fun fixtures that will draw the eyes upward, effectively creating an illusion of height.

Another way you can make colors work for you is by arranging your favorite items, like your books, by color and height. This will spare you the potential clutter disaster.

Choose the right accessories

Condo Design Choose the Right Accessories

Photo courtesy of Pixabay via Pexels

Avoid using dark, heavy draperies, as they will make your place appear closed-in and smaller. Go for the light-colored, gauzy sheer drapes for a more expansive and airy feel. Floor-to-ceiling draperies also work great at making a room appear more spacious, as they make the room appear taller.

You may think big pieces of furniture should be kept out of your small space. This is not always the case though. Having one prominent furniture piece will actually do a great job of making the room appear less cluttered and more open. Make sure you limit it to one statement piece though. The rest will have to be smaller pieces, so as not to drown your place with overbearing pieces of furniture.

Add mirrors for an illusion of space

Condo Design Add Mirrors

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One of the easiest and most used tricks in the world of interior design is using a full-length mirror to expand a space visually. You do not have to install wall-to-wall mirrors to create the illusion of space. Leaning an oversized mirror against the wall will do the trick. You may also hang multiple mirrors, relatively smaller ones, to create a statement wall, which can serve as the focal point of your room.
With careful planning and the right pieces of furniture, accessories, and storage, your tiny condo space can be just as aesthetically appealing and comfortable as any expensive home.