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“Keep It Cool!” How to Sleep Soundly Despite the Hot Summer Nights

uratex summer senso memory matterySummertime is always associated with bright days outside, swimming, walking on sandy beaches, and sipping iced concoctions to beat the heat. This season is quite enjoyable by daytime, but we’ll surely encounter difficulties falling asleep since t’s easy to get all sticky and sweaty come bed time. And unless you have the right senso-memory mattress to give you a good night’s sleep, it will be uncomfortable to doze off.

It’s easy to resort to convenient electronic devices like air-conditioning to guarantee a hassle-free night, but this could wreak havoc on your electric bill. So what other options do you have? Read on for useful summer night hacks that will get you dreaming in no time.

Lukewarm, Not Cold

Taking a lukewarm shower instead of a cold one before going to bed is better. Cold showers only make you feel cool, as they close your pores for a short period of time. Lukewarm baths are more advisable for cooling down body temperature and calming your senses in an instant.

Be A Fan of Electric Fans

A good alternative to air-conditioners are electric fans. You can improve air circulation in your bedroom by positioning the fan in strategic places such as across a window or pointing it at your door to push hot air out. Opening windows by daytime is also recommended, as well as drawing the blinds/curtains on the sunny part while leaving the shady portion open for air to come in.

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Choose Cotton

It’s also important to consider your sleepwear when it gets really humid by nighttime. Pick loose-fitting clothes made of cotton, as this material can help keep you cool and sweat-free. Cotton is highly absorbent and can easily zap moisture from your body. Refrain from using silk and satin sleepwear.

Use A Cold Compress

Fill a hot water bottle with water, stick it in the freezer, and use it as a cold compress. It helps to put the ice pack on pressure and pulse points – the neck, elbows, wrists, behind the knees, and ankles – because these parts of the body are the ones that give off the most heat. Cold compresses also calm your nerves and refresh your skin.

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Drink Up!

Hydration is the key to surviving hot summer nights. Eight ounces of water before going to bed will do; too much of it will keep you up for bathroom excursions. Drinking water prior to sleeping will save you from dehydration caused by sweating. A glass of milk should also help you get some shuteye.

Unplug Electrical Devices

Gadgets and electrical appliances could contribute to the high temperature in your room when left running. Make sure to unplug all devices when you’re not using them to regulate the amount of heat in your home. By doing this, you do not only help in energy conservation but also in environment preservation as well.

Pick the Right Mattress

Adding to the fact that you’ve been tossing and turning on hot summer nights lately, maybe you’ve been sleeping on the wrong bed all your life and the humid weather is not the only one to blame. Look for mattresses that are right for your bodily conditions and won’t compromise your health. Also, purchase those that are durable and can withstand whatever climate, and most importantly, the ones that can provide you with real comfort.

With these tips, you’ll no longer be dreading sleepless summer nights. Now you’ll finally be able to catch those Zzz’s.