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Cooler Bedroom Designs for Summer

Summer may be nearing its end in the West, but it is never too early to plan for next year’s season of sun and heat! Many people consider their room as their sanctuary – a place for comfort and sleep, a little pieace of heaven on earth. There’s no reason why your bedroom can’t remain as your sanctuary even with summer’s intense heat. So how do you beat the heat during the glorious summer season?

There’s no reason to let the intense summer heat drain your energy. Get some much needed rest and relaxaton in your cool and comfy bedroom.

1. Planning to paint your walls for the summer? Luck you! Not everyone can afford a new paint job every season,  but if you are planning to, then consider painting your room in something light and cool like mint greens and sunny yellows. Otherwise, change your bedroom curtains to a material that is airy and light.

2. De-clutter your room. Summer is the perfect time for a garage sale. Sell, or better yet, donate your old clothes, books and other things that you have lying in your bedroom. Once you’ve gotten rid of the clutter, your room will become easier to clean, will be easier on the eyes, and will be less stuffy as well.

3. Choose cotton or silk for beddings. Have you noticed that wearing cotton shirts is more comfortable than wearing knitted ones? The same applies to your beddings and pillow cases. Avoid coarse-textured beddings as they are rough on the skin and tend to retain heat. Silk and cotton beddings are said to be the best as they are cool to the touch and are not harsh on the skin.

4. Add and subtract. Place a vase of flowers in your room for a more summery feel and remove items that are too warm for summer. Keep them in a dry place in the basement and you can get them back once the season is over.

5. White, aqua, pink. Choose color themes that have lighter hues so your room will have a more airy feel. Moreover, you can opt for sheer curtains instead of venetian blinds to let more air into your room. You can drape the curtains to the side for a more romatic effect, or let the curtains down if the sun is too bright.

A bright and airy design can do wonders in making your bedroom comfortable during the summer.

Lo and behold, it’s the raffia season. Summer lasts only a few months so make sure to prep your room to fully enjoy the season. Transform your typical house set-up into something brighter and sunnier. If you were to describe your house in one word, what would it be? If “serious” is on your list, then it’s time to tweak some things a bit: change some furniture, move them around, remodel your room. Nothing is better than having a vacation in your own home.