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Counting Sheep and How to Deal with Interrupted Sleep

I’m sure you’ve had that experience when you would suddenly wake up because of an alarm, a ringing phone, or you just felt something that provoked you to wake up. After a few seconds, you realize that it’s just a false alarm and you try going to sleep again. Some people are lucky that they can go to sleep again as if nothing happened. Unfortunately, there are those that would have a lot of difficulty going back to sleep. If you’re one of those people who have a difficult time going back to sleep after waking up in the middle of the night, here are some tips that might help:

Don't let interrupted sleep ruin the rest of your night. Read on to learn how to get back those Zzzz.

Don’t focus on going to sleep. Aim to relax yourself instead — I’m sure you’ve also experienced several instances where you’re trying to force yourself to sleep at a certain time because you need to wake up early the next day. Often times, we’re unable to do this and find it easier to suddenly go to sleep than actually planning to sleep. The technique here is to focus on relaxing your body rather than forcing your brain to go to sleep. The more active your brain is, the harder it is to go to sleep.

Don’t think. Give in to your body’s feelingssleeping is an activity that your body would crave to do. It feels great when you finally get to lie on your bed after a long tiring day. We savor that feeling and then the next thing we know, we’re sleeping for 4 hours already. Give in to the feeling and don’t think. Enjoy the body’s emotions of comfort.

Do a quiet activity — if after 15 minutes you still can’t go to sleep, your mind’s pretty much active and running already. Try to do a relaxing activity such as meditating. If you find reading a relaxing activity, you may do so but don’t turn all the lights on. Keep it at minimum. The more light the eyes receive, the more active the brain becomes. If you find drinking tea relaxing, you may do so although food often provokes the body to become active again. The important point is to get out of bed for a while and do something that can lull you to sleep.

It’s not fun to wake up in the middle of a sleep, especially if you need all the sleep you can get for a long day ahead. But if counting sheep just doesn’t work anymore, give the steps above a try and see if you’ll be able to drift off to dreamland.