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Couple’s Bedroom Issues Resolved

Falling in love, finding the one to spend the rest of your life with, getting married and settling down – that seems like a nice plan, doesn’t it? Well, life doesn’t come as rose-tinted even though you plan, imagine, and look through it through rose-tinted glasses. If you think that settling down is the answer to whatever problem you have, it’s just the start of a new one. In fact, if you ask any married couple, “settling down” is anything but settling down in peace.

Being married and sleeping on the same bed mattress every night is not far from sleeping over at a friend’s house and sharing a bed, or even sharing the same bed with your sibling. There are similar problems involved, but they also share the same solutions. There may be other specific relational and physiological issues that these solutions cannot solve, but in this article, you will be provided with overlooked suggestions that are still extremely effective to most of the common issues in sharing a bed.

Bedroom Issues for Couples

Learn to adjust.

Although you may know as a fact that you are not alone in your bed when sleeping next to someone, the way you make your body act may not be in line with this. Well, thinking and knowing that you’re not alone is a good step towards adjustment, but give yourself some time and effort in order to make your body’s movements peaceful. Discipline yourself as much as possible whilst still conscious and eventually even your subconscious movements will be in line with your adjustment. No matter what kind of problem you have, accidentally kicking your partner off the bed will definitely not help solve that situation.

Remember the golden rule.

Don’t forget those wise words: “Do unto others as you would want them to do to you.” No matter how you convince or boss around, what you do to your partner will slowly go back at you – especially if you fuel their desire to execute vengeance on you for always nudging that person off the bed or by hogging all of the best pillows. This golden rule applies well into all aspects of life – including the sharing of a bed. By being considerate, understanding people’s needs and caring to respond to them will reward you greatly and will give you license to be a candidate worthy of receiving the same treatment of care. Being selfless is definitely the key.

Sharing a Bed Peacefully

Try to reach a compromise.

Pride and arguments, not miscommunication, is the main culprit when talking about the root of this problem. What happens when you and your spouse finds out that you both prefer one particular side of the bed? You may want more than half of the bed, but your partner may think that it’s only fair when he or she does it. Obviously, the simple solution is by making an agreement – a compromise between you two, and sticking to it. Make rules that you both agree to keep. That way, your sleep will be more peaceful.

Great sleep isn’t only owed to having a quality bed mattress, several nice pillows, and a comfortable blanket, even if most of it is. It’s also about sleeping in peace. I reckon that it’s next to impossible to enjoy sleep without that peace. So why not at least do your part in making a truce to stop all those issues and drama?