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How to Cover Up Puffy Eye Bags from Restless Nights

Covering Up Eye BagsSeeing puffy eye bags in the morning can really ruin your mood. It reveals the truth to other people that you might have too many sleepless nights. Yes, one of the reasons why some of us have puffy eyes in the morning is because of sleep deprivation. On some cases, it’s more of over sleeping, which causes the tissues under your eyes to swell. Either case has the same outcome. There are far more causes of this condition, but I think the lack of sleep trumps all the other reasons.

Of course we do not want to see those heavy sacks under our eyes right? If the eye bags are simply the cause of interrupted sleep, then it is fairly easy to cover up those puffy eyes. You can actually acquire the needed ingredients at the comfort of your own kitchen. You can now run to your early meeting without making it obvious that you were up all night doing your report.


Cold Compress

This has got to be the most common remedy of all. Other trendy choices vary from the popular cucumber slices, tea bags, or cotton balls. If worse comes to worse, the catsup sachets in your refrigerator will do (as long as they are chilled). The cold temperature constricts the blood vessels, allowing fluid drainage. Puffy eyes are basically fluid, you know. Place the compress on your eyes, relax for 10 minutes, and the puffiness will reduce by then.

Cold Wash

Splash your face with cold water. It gives out the same effect as the cold compress, but in this case, the water will help in the fluid circulation of the whole face. Plus, it refreshes you and it also tightens the skin.

Grandma Barbie

Water Woo

Doctors always recommend drinking 8 to 10 glasses a day. This is helpful in hundreds or thousands of ways we couldn’t imagine. Drinking water will help out flush the toxins within our system. It will assist the skin in renewing itself and provide more elasticity.


The cliché “Prevention is better than cure” explains it all. Things would be a lot easier if there is no puffy eye baggage to deflate in the first place, right? If you can, why not just avoid acquiring it completely.

Get Plenty of Zzz’s

A balanced sleep schedule can be a huge savior to your puffy eyes. If you have the day off, lie down, relax and travel to dreamland.

Sips Only

It is not advisable to drink fluids if you are about to sleep. Small sips will do. Large amount of fluid intake during night might lead to resting of water under your eyes.

Raise Your Head

…while sleeping. Like I mentioned above, water will tend to rest under the eyes especially if you are lying flat on your back. Make sure you have a pillow under your head or slightly raise the end of your bed where your head goes.

Say NO to wearing puffy eye bags when you go out. These are very easy instructions that, when followed, will greatly help in keeping your eyes irresistible to look at.