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Cozy Up with The Bedroom Must-Haves This Rainy Season

Sleep is one of our basic biological needs. Harvard Medical School regarded it as one of the three pillars of health. If you’re between the ages of 18 and 64, you should be getting seven to nine hours of sleep each night. Harvard medical experts warn that not getting sufficient sleep can affect judgment and moods in the short-term and can lead to cardiovascular diseases and early mortality in the long-term.

In improving your sleeping habits, it’ll help to know facts surrounding this “pillar of health.” Some of the common factors that affect our daily shut-eye are light exposure and diet. Dr. Brad Lichtenstein, chair of the Homeopathy Department at Bastyr University, said that daylight directly impacts the body’s pituitary glands, which secretes melatonin or the so-called sleep hormones. Eating high-calorie and fatty foods, which affects the hormone leptin, disrupts our sleep cycle. “When our sleep cycle gets disrupted, we wind up craving those foods more and we don’t know when we’re full,” says Dr. Lichtenstein.

Another factor that can either make or break your sleep goals is the weather. According to researchers, cooler air can help you get better sleep as low temperature supports the body’s natural deep sleep process. To ensure quality z’s at night, make sure your bedroom temperature is between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Make the most of the cooler ambient air for the next couple of months by turning your bedroom into an ultimate resting haven. Here are 10 cozy bedroom ideas you should know today.


Your Personal Refuge: The Bedroom

Cozy Up You Personal Refuge

The Perfect Serenity Aura Fresh
Photo courtesy of Uratex Foam Philippines

One of the struggles of the wet season is getting up early. With cooler air, the earth’s gravity seems extra strong. However, the wonderful perks of being a morning person are just one of the things you really can’t ignore. Studies show that people who start their day early are more fit and motivated. Most of them also manifest a sunny disposition.

Going to bed early is the only path to become a morning person. How can you fall asleep easily? Start with the basics of your home design. The bedroom should just be what it is—a room for your bed and nothing else. Stop using your bed as an extension of your office cubicle. Keep your work desk in the study area or living room. The only home furniture you need in your bedroom are those related to resting: a bed, a bedside table and a simple chair.


Brighten Those Gloomy Days with More Lights

Brighten Those Gloomy Days

Photo courtesy of LilacL via Pixabay

It’s completely understandable if you can’t live with only a few furniture pieces in your bedroom. It’s your kingdom anyway. Creative home design ideas for your sleep sanctuary can make you want to spend more time resting. Instead of boring fluorescent lights, why not mount fun-shaped string lights? The more dramatic, the better!


Safe and Hip with Mosquito Nets

Safe and Hip with Mosquito Nets

Photo courtesy of HD Etc.

Frequent downpour these days raises the alert for mosquito-borne diseases such as dengue. Protect yourself from insect bites by sleeping inside a mosquito net…with feathers! You can come up with your own decorating tips or just add sequins, ribbons, and other trinkets, but an alternative would be a bed mattress with anti-mosquito features for your and your kids’ bedroom. The Uratex Perfect Serenity Anti-Mosquito can definitely do that as it repels mosquitos while easing muscle pressure and body strain.


Hail the Bed Mattress!

Sleeping in a cool room can help you attain deep sleep. A study in the Journal of Neuroscience suggests that deep sleep, which usually occurs in the first third of the night, promoted the consolidation of recent memories. This is a compelling argument against pulling an all-nighter before a major exam.

Make sure you attain deep sleep each night via bedroom essentials. The king of the bedroom is the bed mattress. With a comfortable bed mattress that supports your body, you pretty much have 50% of everything you need in your bedroom. Choose one that incorporates the latest innovations in sleep technology.

Committed to giving you the finest sleep always, Uratex Philippines offers top-notch bed mattresses that ensure uninterrupted z’s. The Premium Touch Cozy Latex has always been one to be sought for this because of its features. It adjusts to body movement, promotes good blood circulation and protects against bacteria growth.

You can add bed accessories to it such as the Uratex Cedar Mattress Topper for a layer of tufted cushion that easily fits on top your foam. It is made with polyester fiber to enhance comfort and support. These are truly designed for the ideal comfort—bringing you into your very own sleep oasis.

Lots of Pillows

The Soft Escape Pillow
Photo courtesy of Uratex Foam Philippines

Researchers from Tufts University reported that colder weather can be extra troublesome for people suffering from arthritis. Every 10-degree drop in temperature results to an incremental increase in arthritis pain. Higher barometric pressure can also trigger joint pain.

Ease arthritis pain during the cool weather by supporting your body with comfortable pillows. You can have fruit-shaped pillows, a log pillow or a massive pillow blanket. Admit it. The insanely popular squishy body pillows are one of the best bedroom accessories ideas ever!


Take Those Lucid Dreams with White Noise and a Sleeping Mask

Take Those Lucid Dreams

Photo courtesy of DaWanda in English via Pinterest

Do you know that rainy days don’t always equate a good night’s sleep? While the lower temperature makes sleep more comfortable, thunderstorms and floods can cause anxiety and disrupt your rest. Get quality shut-eye during bad weather by getting yourself cool bedroom accessories. A white noise machine that produces calming sounds like a rushing waterfall can help, as well as eye masks. Check out sleep masks that can enhance the frequency of your lucid dreams.


Nurse Your Cold Night with a Warm Blanket

with a Warm Blanket

Photo courtesy of tvjoern via Pixabay

The rainy season is also known as a time for colds and flu. Weather-related illnesses can surely disrupt your sleep. Pack cold medicines as you never know when you’ll need one. Bedroom accessories for the rainy weather can also help mitigate the discomforts of your clogged nose and aching head. Keep yourself warm with different types of blankets and beddings. Thermal blankets, faux fur throw and chenille beddings are bedroom must-haves.


Track Your Sleep with Specialty Phone Apps

When it comes to good sleep and technology, you have two options: make your bedroom a no-tech zone or use tech to help you sleep. If you choose the latter (which is highly probable), you’ll have a wide range of digital bedroom accessories for rainy days. The Withings Aura is a device that can monitor your heartbeat, breathing and even your tossing and turning throughout the night. This sleep tracker, which is placed under the mattress, also checks changes in room temperature to help identify causes of any sleep problems. You can also install apps, such as SleepBot, in your smartphone.


A Comfy Sleepwear in Onesie

A Comfy Sleepwear in Onesie

Photo Courtesy of PBteen via Pinterest

There are a lot of ways on how to get a good sleep when it’s cold. The weather is already on your side. You just need to make sleeping a little more comfortable. If a blanket is too stuffy for you, you can purchase sleepwear items that serve the same purpose. Check out cute onesies, fur or hooded robes and knee-high socks.


Find Comfort in That Sweet Aroma

Sweet Aroma

Photo courtesy of lindevegen.no via Pinterest

The ideal sleep tips for the cold weather should involve the entire experience of relaxation. Aside from cuddly pillows and white noise machines, you can light scented candles in your bedroom. You can try candles with scents of flowers, freshly-baked cupcakes or old books. Just don’t forget to put out the flame before dozing off.

Adequate sleep should always be a priority. As a pillar of health, it’s non-negotiable. Our sleep quality affects our physical and mental health, cognitive abilities and moods. Stop making excuses and start exploring ways to improve your sleeping habits. Begin with novel bedroom ideas and accessories that will make sleeping something to look forward to.