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Why does Crying Trigger our Body to Sleep?

A broken heart usually results to a difficulty in eating, working, thinking, and most especially, smiling. It sucks alright, but if there’s one thing that crying makes easier, it would have to be the process of falling asleep. Have you ever noticed yourself fall asleep while crying? I myself have experienced this many times before. For a long time, it made me wonder why. But then I eventually found the answer, and if you want some answers too, encourage you to read through this. I’ll share it with you.

Crying yourself to SleepTears are the result of overworked emotion. To make it easier to understand, I’ll give you an example. When you work-out, you produce massive energy; this causes your body produces sweat, right? This physical principle also has a manifestation, and so if you overwork your emotions, you will end up produce tears. Stress and tension will cause your body to become easily tired. As a result, your brain sends signals to your body, telling it to find some needed rest. We feel drained after sobbing, which is sometimes the reason why our hearts end up feeling constricted or choked.  It’s the reason why we just end up sleeping with tears in our eyes. Some say that they feel tired and drained after crying, but some also claim that they feel better after. Whether our cry causes us to feel tired or relieved, the result is still the same: We develop a desire to sleep.

It’s never wrong or embarrassing to cry, even for a guy. Crying never devalues anyone. Yes, it is unusual for men to cry because they are intended to look tough. Holding your tears won’t do you good. Crying helps release any heavy load that we feel; it somehow heals whatever brokenness we might be going through. Let negative emotions fade by crying, writing or even shouting. By doing this, you create for yourself a space of positivity. Keeping your tears unshed is not a good thing to do; it causes emotional stress, and it is the worst feeling of all because it blocks all positive emotions. If you’re unable to think right, then you’ll be unable to do right.

No matter how much you cry, you’ll still end up wiping those tears away and tell yourself to rest. Smiling requires less muscle tension than frowning, so don’t give yourself a hard time. Always remember to have a healthy heart, and that having a healthy heart should mean HEAL-THY HEART.