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Discover your perfect partner for a good night’s sleep at Homeworld SM Makati

Discover your own perfect partner for a good night’s sleep! Hurry up and catch our X-sensor Pressure Imaging Device once more to experience the best way in choosing the right mattress for you only from Uratex. Visit us at 4th floor Department Store, SM Makati from December 5 – 15, 2012. You’ll surely get superb discounts and exciting freebies for every trial!

Promo Announcement:

  1. All customers will be asked to sign-up a form, with his/her name, address, contact number, email, age, address and signature that will entitle him/her to try and test our X-Sensor Pressure Imaging Device.
  2. The trial will last for ten to fifteen minutes.
  3. With the assistance of our Sleep Expert and one representative, the customer will simply lie down on any of the featured Uratex Premium Mattress equipped with the pressure imaging device that will enable him/her to see pressure profile on the TV screen. This visual aid allows consumers to see pressure points and gain a better understanding of what comfort looks like in color renditions.
  4. Customers can try up to four different sleep surfaces and can compare how they look and feel.
  5. Pressure profiles can be taken up by customers lying in their back, side or front.
  6. The system combines the individual customer’s sleeping preferences with the pressure readings on tested mattresses and provides a summary of quantifiable ranking of comfort.
  7. The Sleep Expert will review the result for each mattress and using this information. He/She will able to fit the customers’ properly and help them select a better mattress for their unique sleeping need.
  8. The customer will be asked if he/she wants a printed copy of the result or just send it to his/her e-mail.
  9. After testing the Uratex Premium Mattresses, the customer is entitled to have a freebie of one (1) piece Ready-Wrap R750. However, if the customer will purchase any of the four featured Uratex Premium Mattresses in the said event, he/she will be entitled to avail the up to 30% Discount on the selected brands plus he/she will receive an additional free one (1) pc. Senso Memory Cervical Pillow worth Php1, 399.75. *Discount extended to all standard sizes of mattress
    • Premium Touch Viscoluxe Memory Mattress – 30% off
    • Senso Memory Mattress- 25%  off
    • Orthocare Mattress- 20% off
  10. Promo will run from December 5 – 15, 2012 at Homeworld Furniture SM Makati Branch only.