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DIY Home Decor Ideas for Summertime

Summer Home Decor

Summer’s almost over, and if you’re anything like us, you probably couldn’t be more disappointed (or slightly relieved, depending on how well you’ve been taking the heat). Lucky for you, you won’t have to spend the rest of your nights lying awake on a foam mattress, dreading the day you wake up and realize that summer has come and gone.

For those who want summer to last forever as it does on Phineas and Ferb, sadly, it can’t. What you can do however is try these few DIY projects to keep the summer vibe in your home all year long. Viva la summer!

Summer Wreath

Summer Wreath

Wreaths aren’t only made for Christmastime! Buy a plain wreath, an empty styrofoam ring or one made out of sticks strung together, some green or yellow cloth about two inches wide and long enough to cover the wreath, and some plastic or silk flowers. Use hot-glue to stick one end of the cloth to the wreath and wrap it around until the ring is completely covered, then glue the other end to keep it place. If your base is already made of sticks, you can skip the cloth procedure and go straight ahead to hot-gluing the fake flowers. Choose colors such as yellow, pink, and orange for a more summer-y feel! Throw in a couple of lightweight flipflops on there too if you like it a bit quirky.

Shell Candles

Shell Candles

All you need are a couple of large shells, some candle wicks, and candle wax. Where you get the shells is up to you, but we’d rather you buy shells from the local store rather than picking them off the beach yourselves though. Now get a shell and place the wick on its deepest part for maximum burning time. Melt the candle wax and pour it in, careful to keep the wick upright. Cut the wick if it’s too long and sticks out too much. Wait for the wax to cool and voila! Summer romance candles!

Beach Sign

Beach Signs

Want this cute beach sign propped over a shelf? You can purchase it online, or you can try making it yourself! Buy a twelve by twelve piece of wood, sandpaper, vinyl paper, high-quality latex and brush, and scissors. Sand off the wood with the sandpaper for a smoother finish. When you’re done, trace the letters you’ll be needing on the vinyl paper and cut them out. Carefully arrange the letters over the wood and start painting over them in large strokes with the color of your choice. It doesn’t have to be too perfect.  Peel off the vinyl carefully once the paint dries, and if you’re going for the distressed look, sand the new paint off small areas to make it look more weathered.

Summer Bulletin Board

Summer Bulleting Board

A summer-themed bulletin board will also help you keep track of your summer adventures, kind of like a scrapbook on display. Cover any cork board with a large map, then paint over the frame with sand-colored paint. You can then use it like a gigantic scrapbook, gluing random shells and pinning photos from your vacation or travel tickets as a constant reminder of your summer adventures.

Even though going on vacation is one of the most satisfying way to get away from every day stress, there’s nothing like coming home after a long trip and falling asleep on your own foam bed. When you’re done prancing off to different vacation spots, you can always keep a little bit of the carefree island spirit in you by reminding yourself with these DIY décor. Good luck and have fun!