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The Dummies’ Guide to Setting Up the Living Room for Valentine’s Day

sofa foam 5In a previous article we’ve talked about sprucing up the bedroom as a Valentines surprise for your significant other. Now we focus all our attention in your living room, the perfect spot in your house to have a date. And no, you don’t even have to replace your sofa foam with new ones just to make it more romantic. All you need to do is follow a few of these home hacks.

Let There Be Light!

Always begin with proper lighting when aiming to create the perfect mood, especially one for Valentine’s Day. Get red or purple bulbs with soft glows as well as lamps and fixtures to give your living room a warm ambience. In case you don’t want to replace your current light bulbs, you can simply get some drapes and candles to create the perfect romantic atmosphere. Just a little bit of advice should you opt for the latter: get scented candles for maximum effect!

sofa foam 6Flower Power!

There’s something about flowers that can get a girl to swoon in delight. So get an army of these colorful plants! But don’t just put them in vases and place them on your side tables and bookshelves. Spread petals on the floor to form pathways and shapes and letters. Put various individual blooms on the sofa, perhaps with a gift beside it and a love letter. Do anything creative and romantic that comes to your head as an overall policy!

Life is Colorful!

Speaking of colors, make sure it complements your living room’s lighting, and the background music on your playlist as well! And don’t worry, you don’t need to do some extensive paint job to get the room to blend in with the lighting; all you need are a few add-ons like curtains, sofa pillows, etc. Just another small tip on the house: red, pink and white are the ideal colors for Valentine’s Day. You can also use certain hues to achieve an effect that’s just as wonderful.

sofa foam 8Please Don’t Stop the Music!

Music, too, helps set the perfect romantic mood. So better prepare a playlist of great love songs on your date. But make sure the music doesn’t overpower the environment or your Valentine plans for the evening might backfire! As much as possible, make sure the songs you pick complement the living room’s lighting and colors to achieve the right ambiance.


Whether you’re preparing a fine home-cooked meal or ordering takeout from the nearest Chinese fast food restaurant, don’t forget to bring out your best silverware and glassware. As with the flowers, there’s something strangely romantic about those utensils that’ll make any girl fall head over heels.

Why go out on Valentine’s Day when you can spend it in your home? It’s more relaxing, it’s less hassling, and, in many ways, it’s much more romantic. Plus, a lot of hotels, restaurants, and other romantic spots now-a-days aren’t free. By staying at home you’ll save tons of cash, and you and your date will be able to do anything you want for as long as you want.