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Mattress Durability

Now, I know I’ve shown you a brief glimpse of how long a mattress usually lasts in a previous article, and how much of its lifespan is reduced by jumping on it. But this article is to show you how durable different types of mattresses, especially Uratex mattresses, are.

Innerspring mattress

The usual mattress is the outdated innerspring mattress which has a very high tendency of sagging and permanently sinking at the center where you usually sleep on. The reason is because spring is made of metal, and although the metal is formed to be in the shape of a spring, metal is still pliable and will slowly allow its malleability to reduce the efficiency of its shape as a spring. An innerspring mattress lasts around 7 years and requires good care such as flipping it every couple of months.

Foam mattress

Polyfoam mattresses are especially durable because of the tiny air bubbles in between its very foam which causes the foam to spring back every time. But in memory foam mattresses, the uniqueness of its high density and high level of viscosity makes it conform to the body better than the regular polyfoam mattress. Polyfoam and memory foam mattresses last three times longer than the usual innerspring mattress. They’re so durable you don’t even have to flip them for the sake of making them last longer. A high-quality Uratex mattress can last well over a decade and even more depending on how much more you take care of your mattress.

Rubber mattress

But you know what else lasts as long as polyfoam and memory foam mattress? Rubber or latex mattresses. They last around as long as polyfoam and memory foam mattresses, but they’re quite different. If you’re probably tired of the “conforming-to-your-shape” feeling of memory foam mattresses, maybe the rubber or latex mattress is for you. The best way I could describe it is in one word: support. Rubber foam mattresses last longer than innerspring mattresses at about well over a decade. The Uratex US Rubber Mattress has a bouncy feel and is made of resilient foam. It also has a 10-year warranty, and from that guarantee, you can easily say that it’s made to last.

You are assured of high quality and durability with Uratex US Rubber Mattress