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Dynamism in individual spaces

SIXINCH champions creativity and ingenuity in new showroom.


The name SIXINCH is a representation of the 6-inch space between the ears which is believed to be the place where creativity lies. Through the combination of innovative materials and progressive design, the company presents a different flock of architectural products that promise to spice up a space while providing premium functionality and comfort.

Using quality, high density foam, all SIXINCH furniture is applied with a unique flexible coating before crafted into pieces that are both creative and comfortable. Anyone who values flexibility, functionality, and exquisite artistry in their individual spaces will be tickled pink with the avante garde but very usable designs of the company.


Michael Sels, Founder of SIXINCH Belgium explains, “As much as possible, we make every creation truly spectacular and eye-catching. A true work of art and not just a part of every room.”

On July 2015, as part of its commitment to continue inspiring the imagination of many, the company has partnered with Uratex Philippines to share its exquisite artistry in the country. This year, on February 18, the collaboration comes fully realized with the opening of SIXINCH Philippines’ showroom gallery at RONAC Center, Greenhills.

SIXINCH Philippines aims to stir a revolution in furniture design through customization. The company focuses in helping customers unleash their creativity by executing high-quality, functional pieces designed according to their imaginations.

Mr. Big Boy Cheng shares, “Customization is an important highlight of SIXINCH Philippines. This showroom will be the visual and physical proof that furniture can be more than just your ordinary run-of-the-mill pieces. You imagine, we provide.”


Additionally, SIXINCH champions the talent of Filipino designers by tapping their creativity for their collections. The company hopes to expose Filipino talent to the global stage by providing them global creations and technologies.

The brand makes it part of their commitment to help local designers create avant garde and chic furniture that can elevate their talent not only in the country but in the international scene as well.

As Sels puts it, “SIXINCH experts can help inspire the renowned ingenuity and creative minds of these local artists and designers . . . in order  to create unique and innovative designs that are truly world class and can be appreciated by customers even in other countries, especially now that the Philippines is becoming a part of this age of globalization.”

SIXINCH has already established its presence in Japan, the United States, Russia, and the European Union. The opening of its Philippines store  aims to change the game in the local furniture industry.

“Furniture is no longer just ‘furniture’ nowadays. It has to keep up with the multipronged needs of its users. The game isn’t just about comfort and functionality. SIXINCH Philippines commit to bringing dynamism to a space,” closes Mr. Cheng.

To know more about Sixinch, you may visit its showroom located at RONAC Center, Greenhills.