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Easy Steps to a Powerful Nap on Lunch Breaks

The secret to looking fresh and young is getting an optimal amount of the right food and right hours of sleep. So don’t be surprised to look ages older if you deprive yourself of one or both of these. If you can hardly eat a balanced diet, at least make the effort of sleeping well. If again you’re struggling to sleep at night, why not treat your lunch break as your naptime?

It’s totally okay to nap briefly in midday at work. Some companies even designate lunch breaks as nap time and encourage this form of resting. This is in their belief that napping will help their employees be more productive and stay alert. A positive heart results to napping as it lowers down your blood pressure and allow your body to be in the state of recovery. Napping, according to medical experts, also reduces stress levels as it affects cortisol, the critical hormone which regulates stress.

Here are the following steps on how to take a powerful nap during lunch:

Napping on Lunch Breaks

1) Plan your day ahead

Before leaving the house, you must have your goals all set for the day. Allocate your time to finish work assignments and make sure that you accomplish some of them and will finish them toward the end of the day. With this composure and self-assurance, you are able to take the time to take a nap during lunch break without feeling guilty.

2) Ask permission

If you belong to a corporation or organization which does not prescribe napping on breaks, you can ask kind permission from your boss. There’s nothing wrong in doing the things you want to do during break time as this period is usually not part of your pay anyway. Nevertheless, it’s still best to get the permit to recharge your mind and body. You can tell them that napping will give you an extra push to work harder. This would please both your boss and yourself after a day’s work.

3) Eat first before sleeping

After eating, part of the digestion process is that your blood flows to your stomach which urges you to feel satiated and sleepy. So you can be better lulled to sleep after having a happy and full tummy.

4) Find a place to nap

Napping at your own table can be possible. But it’s even better if your office has a couch or “sleeping room” provided for employees to rest. Having everyone see you asleep may be a bit embarrassing so it’s best to have a rather more formal space to wind down the day’s activities and enter dream world for a few minutes.

5) Set an alarm

It can be your cell phone, timer, watch or any alarm. This is to make sure that you won’t oversleep and show up late after the break. The last thing you want to know is that everyone is staring at you and worse even get mad at you if you happen to arrive late at a call or meeting. This not only damages your image and reputation but also the overall impression.


Be careful not to nap for more than 30 minutes. This is because you might experience sleep inertia, which occurs when you’re already in the deeper states of sleep. It sure doesn’t feel great to suddenly wake up just after entering this stage of sleep. Grogginess can then cause you to somehow lose energy. You will mentally feel a little muddled, as if your head is stuck in the clouds. You tend to want to have more minutes of sleep.

Don’t underestimate the power of naps as it concludes to a lot of benefits for your mental and physical body. Take short naps during break but limit naptime to about 20 minutes to reap the feeling of being energized and refreshed. Enjoy a longer sleeping time when you’re outside work, school and other chores.