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The Effects of Fantasy Sleeping Tales to Children’s Sleep

Almost every kid knows popular characters such as The Sleeping Beauty, Pinocchio, Peter Pan and the like. But aside from capturing children’s hearts and imagination, fantasy sleeping tales can also help kids fall asleep more easily and develop good sleeping habits.

Why is it good for parents to tell their children fantasy sleeping tales?

Children should be loved, and given comfort and protection. These fantasy sleeping tales help comfort children and relieve their worry or fear. Ever wondered why these stories have such colorful characters? Even their names are adorably cute and at times, funny. Because their main goal is to give children a sense of adventure, fun and security. At the end of the night, the story’s characters live happily ever after. Story telling is also an intimate bonding moment between parents and children. Why don’t you take a few minutes to tuck your children into bed and read them a fantasy sleeping tale tonight?

Be reminded that sleeping tales are not limited to stories found in storybooks or fantasy movies. You can be creative and start making up your own fantasy story. You can use your children’s names as the name of the characters. Your children will surely look forward to listening to these fantasy sleeping tales.

Bear in mind that creativity is contagious! The most common effect of fantasy sleeping tales is that children want to sleep with their siblings to connect and share their own stories and imagine that they are the characters in these fantasy sleeping tales. They can even come up with their own version of the story and share it with their friends.


Other effects of fantasy sleeping tales include dreaming about the characters in the stories. For example, whenever you tell your children a story like Cinderella, they often dream about Cinderella, the handsome prince, and her kind fairy godmother. Another effect is that children will look forward to bed time — because they want to hear more about different fantasy sleeping tales. Stories also help sharpen their listening skills, memory and imagination.

By telling your children fantasy sleeping tales, they will certainly be able to sleep more easily and comfortably

These few minutes of story-telling every night are certainly priceless

Parents and guardians can also choose fantasy sleeping tales that will not only stimulate children’s imagination, but also teach them important morals. Moreover, telling children these fantasy sleeping stories regularly will help them develop proper sleeping habits, encouraging them to sleep at a regular time. When they go to sleep, they will surely have a smile on their faces. And knowing this, I’m sure you will go to sleep with a smile on your face as well. 🙂