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Effects of Interrupted Sleep

Sleeping is everyone’s personal heaven. This is the time when we distress ourselves and have a good rest. But due to our busy schedules, we experience the tragedy that is interrupted sleep. Have you tried waking up every 30 minutes as you sleep? Well, I have, and believe me, it feels… terrible. This got me wondering about the negative effects of interrupted sleep.

It is during sleep when our brain stores all the information we acquire during the day. It is also the stretch of time when our body rests and recuperates from all the damages it has incurred. Hormones and tissues are repaired as we sleep. So what happens if all these are disrupted?

Interrupted Sleep

Bad Effects of Interrupted Sleep:

1)    Physical

  • Dreaming of becoming a basketball player or a model? Kiss your dream away if you get staggered sleeps because your growth hormones will be impaired.
  • People who have interrupted sleep are prone to obesity. Studies show that low secretion of a hormone called Leptin causes excessive intake of foods that are high in carbohydrates.
  • Low resistance to daily physical tasks is also one of the downside of deprived sleep.

2)    Psychological

  • Our mental abilities will be affected in a way that our ability to store and retrieve memory will become less and less effective as we continue to suffer interrupted sleep.

3)    Medical

  • Interrupted sleep increases the risk of getting diseases. Reports show that people who are sleep deprived are susceptible to having high blood pressure.
  • Our vision can also be impaired when we have interrupted sleep.

4)    Social

  • People who get insufficient amount of sleep are hard to deal with since they become irritated all the time. They can also get too emotional.

These are just some of the most common downfalls of Interrupted Sleep. But how can we avoid these when we are in a world where everything is on a fast kind of pace?

  • Know your priorities.
  • Do your tasks ASAP.
  • Set time for everything.

Always remember that no matter how busy or rich you are, if your health gets back at you, all those riches will go to nothing. Health is Wealth!