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Effects of Technology on Sleep

We can’t deny the fact that science and technology has affected and changed so many aspects of our life. You don’t have to go all the way back to the stone age to see the difference between before and today with the advent of technology. In fact, even if you just compare what happened today and 10 years ago, the difference is already very significant. It’s interesting to note that technology has also played a big role when it comes to sleep — with both positive and negative  consequences. Let’s take a look at both sides of the effects of technology on sleep.

The Good

Technology has played a big role on our sleep, and this is most evident is the evolution of the bed and pillow. From feathers and straws, we now have foam, air, water, and other high-complex technology that supports the entire body when sleeping. More than just reinventing the product, science has also helped us find the best sleeping material composition to help us sleep better and even prevent sleeping disorders. Products such as Uratex‘s mattresses, pillows, futons, and sofa beds are all the products of technological advancement and years of scientific research.

Technology has certainly given us many things to think - and sleep - over.

The Bad

Unfortunately, technology has also affected our sleep culture. This can be seen in the time we go to sleep and what we do prior to sleeping. Nowadays, people sleep at a later hour because of the numerous activities made possible by technology: television and late night shows, computer games, online chat, and social networking, among others. As such, our sleeping hours suffer — studies have shown that technology is the prime reason why the average sleeping hours has been reduced from around 8 in the 1970’s to less than 6 today.

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The Net Effect

While technology has helped optimized the quality of sleep, the quantity of  our sleep suffers because of technology. But the wonderful and important thing to remember is that we do have control over our sleeping habits. We need to recognize that we can’t sacrifice sleep for endless hours of computer gaming or watching television. Ultimately, technology has done wonders for our sleep. Now it’s our job to maximize the good effects of technology on sleep.