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Effects of Sleeping with Make-up

Sleeping with MakeupMake-up is a wonder, but sometimes you get tired of the routine of removing makeup before sleeping, especially after a long day’s work or a big night out. Why is that? Perhaps you are not aware of the negative effects this stubbornness brings. Or maybe, the immediate sight of your soft and cosy mattress always ends up distracting you from all other activities causing you to leave on your comfortable cotton wool.

In this article, you will learn why you should not condone such behavior. The following lists the effects of sleeping with make-up on.

1)    Creates a breeding ground for bacteria

Sleeping in makeup should not be a habit. Just think of all the impurities that your face has been exposed to the night before. Leaving your face layered with the smoke, sweat, grime and smut overnight will cause further free radical damage on your skin. This wouldn’t be a concern at all if you would simply remove your make-up before bedtime.

2) Clogs skin pores

Our skin’s pores not only emit sweat but also secrete sebum. This sebum is a waxy lubricant that moisturizes and protects our skin. It helps remove dead skin cells, which in turn would result in the natural cleansing of pores from certain irritants. If you sleep with makeup on over a long time, it will clog your pores and prevent sebum from doing its job. Instead, the sebum will build up, causing acne to form later on.

Removing Makeup3) Develops red stripes of swollen, enlarged blood vessels in the eyes

When you wake up in the morning and face the mirror, don’t be surprised to see bloodshot eyes. This is what happens when you neglect to remove your mascara, eyeliner and sometimes even the eye shadows. While asleep, we’re unaware of how many times we rub our eyes. This action would push the bacteria further into your eyes, which could lead to some serious contaminations and allergies.

Additionally, leaving mascara on your lashes overnight will dry out your eyelashes and make them brittle. Worse is if done too many times, they may thin out and fall out.

4) Slows repairing and regeneration of skin cells

Your skin needs to breathe while you’re asleep, and being smothered in makeup doesn’t help. Because regenerative processes in the skin are more intense at night, the skin will not have the essential vitamins and moisturizers to enhance the repairs if make-up is present. Various adverse effects may occur, such as breakouts, blemishes, excess sebum, a matte finish, or dry skin.

As make-up is a product filled with preservatives, oils, petroleum and different sorts of chemicals, it should be washed up before you enter dreamland. There are really no benefits for sleeping with your make-up on; there are only side effects!

Invest in a minimum of 15 minutes a day to complete a great skin cleansing practice.You can use a make-up remover, facial cleanser, cold cream and/or toner to cleanse your skin, assuring yourself that it’s free of make-up.