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Effortless Feng Shui Tips for your Bedroom

Feng Shui Bedroom

Balance is the key to everything. A deficit or a surplus of anything will only draw us away from that ideal balance. In the belief of feng shui, harmony between the metaphysical and the spiritual is its core foundation.

Feng shui is all about positive energy, and harmonizing physical components (especially in architecture and buildings and houses) with those energies. But in a simpler scale, here are five effortless feng shui tips to improve your bedroom.

  • Remove the computer and television

The bedroom is for sleeping. According to the feng shui belief, adding distractions such as computers and televisions only dislodge the focus of the energies of that space. It’s better to relocate the computer and televisions and even exercise equipment to another room.

Televisions and computers only add “noise”, and too much sound disrupts the balance of nature. Well, to begin with, nothing’s wrong with having them in another place, right?

Beautiful Bedroom

  • Choose soothing, natural colors

The color of your bedroom, everything from the walls, to the sheets, to the pillowcases and various covers, are the little things that make up the grand element called the “theme.”

That’s why, in the context of feng shui, it’s vital to choose soothing, natural colors that easily harmonize with the seen and so-called “unseen” surroundings. Colors of nature such as the sky, the grass, flowers, and even skin color that ranges from tanned to chocolate brown will definitely fit that standard.

  • Open windows, and let freshness in

Since the flow of energy is the core in feng shui belief, everything stagnant that is meant to be free and flowing ought to be indeed free and flowing. Opening your windows allows the fresh air to flow, thus bringing in fresh energy.

Even outside of feng shui, stagnant air is also a potential stage for various unwanted scents to develop. You wouldn’t want your senso memory mattress to smell like the dark side of nature now, would you?

Feng Shui Practices

  • Keep the doors closed at night

According to what people believe in feng shui, the doors are just as important to the room as any of its walls. That’s why it’s important to keep all doors closed at night – even those that of closets.

The belief goes that keeping them open allows the good energy to leak out and bed energy to sneak in. Outside the feng shui belief, keeping the doors closed is also a sure way of having security. Nobody likes having their possessions taken away from them, right?

  • Have more than one setting of light

In feng shui, light is the ultimate manifestation of energy. That’s why adjustable lights are important. Aside from having one source of light from the ceiling, it’s also believed that having more than one setting of light allows adjustability, therefore letting the fine-tuning of light be possible in order for the energy’s balance to happen.

Not everyone believes in feng shui, but there a lot out there who believes and practices its principles. That’s why hopefully those effortless feng shui tips will not only guarantee a good night’s rest, but also a sense of spiritual fulfilment. But whether or not feng shui is something you hold to be true or not, I bid you sweet dreams.