We understand how every element is essential in building businesses. The quality of a product, should be first and foremost, the priority in fostering relationship. As the country’s industry leader in manufacturing foam and mattresses, Uratex has been recognized for its quality, by continually applying the latest innovations to ensure each product delivers superior comfort and support.

Uratex offers business solutions for different industries. We help businesses maximize opportunities by creating quality products and increase their revenues. We develop and offer a wide variety of products and services catered to your needs.


Foam is not limited to bedding alone. It not only functions as a cushion for sleep comfort, but it can also be used for safety, sound control, and hygiene. The possibilities of foam application are endless. Uratex offers a wide variety of foam products for industrial sectors such as sponges, acoustic foam, foam packaging, foam lamination, padding, automotive seating, electronic foam and foam for furniture and beddings. It also provides non-foam products and services such as plastic extrusion, monoblocks chairs and tables (for commercial and industrial use), plastic food packaging, and automotive OEM.




As the country’s leading foam manufacturer, we also serve as one of the largest key suppliers for other industries such as hotels, resorts, education and hospitals. We understand how quality is essential in creating unique experience customers would patronize. We offer customization of foams, mattresses and bed accessories according to the market segment. We want to ensure that the products we deliver are durable for long-term use while providing superior support and comfort for our customers.


Let us help you build a better business. For inquiries, please email us at iimktg@uratex.com.ph