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Should You Exercise Before You Sleep?

There’s some debate going on regarding exercising before sleeping. Some people are saying that there are studies that indicate exercising before sleeping poses a bigger risk of insomnia. Others are saying that there are studies indicating that there is no significant correlation between exercising before sleeping and insomnia caused by prior exercise. Both are claiming that they have studies to back up their stand. So, who has the correct study?

Some people opt to do their daily exercise in the evening due to lack of time in the morning or for other reasons of their own. Try out different exercise types and duration to see if exercising at night works for you.

The answer is actually: it depends on the person. No matter how many studies are made, this activity is something that depends on the body of the person. I know people who have no problems going to sleep after exercising about an hour ago citing the fatigue they get from exercising helps them go to sleep immediately upon climbing into bed. There are also people who I know that have difficulties going to sleep after exercising, saying that exercising causes an energy boost to their body.

Aside from the body’s preference, one other factor is the type of exercise that you do at night. Some people would already consider 10 minutes of running at the treadmill and 2 routines of weight lifting as exercise already. Others wouldn’t consider 1 hour of gym activity as exercising yet. It all goes back on how your body handles exercise.

Try it out!

How would you know your body’s preference? There’s no other way to know than to try it yourself. If you have a week or two where you can wake up at a flexible time, then you can give it a try. You can also vary on the type of exercise that you do and the time you spend for exercising. One think to point is that the body doesn’t react to exercise the same way every time. You’ve probably experienced it yourself during college when after a PE class, sometimes you feel great afterwards and sometimes you feel very tired after. Experiment to see which works best for you.