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Experiencing Inception: 5 Reasons Why Lucid Dreaming Is Important

senso memory mattress lucid dreamingWhether you sleep on a sofa bed or on a senso memory mattress, there is a high chance that you will experience a rapid eye movement (REM) phenomenon, leading to dreaming. Dreaming has a lot of advantages, and scientists have been explaining why humans dream.

But a number of people can do something more than just dreaming – and it is called lucid dreaming. If you are familiar with the film Inception, you’ll have an idea of what lucid dreaming is about. But aside from controlling your dreams, did you know that there are actually other reasons why lucid dreaming is healthy and beneficial? Apparently it is! And here are the reasons why it is important to you too!

Creates Limitless Freedom

Dreams don’t have restrictions. You can fly without feaing the consequence of falling. You can punch a massive rock without having to hurt yourself. You can fly to another country and meet your favorite actor or actress without having to spend a lot of money.

In short, lucid dreaming means limitless freedom, which in turn means a lot of fun!

Communicates With The Unconscious Mind

There are a lot of scientists, especially psychologists, who tried to explain the reason for the occurrence of dreams. Both Freud and Jung agreed that dreams come from the unconscious – Freud claimed that dreams are sexual and aggressive manifestation, while Jung stated that dreams are symbolic and that they come directly from the subconscious.

In knowing our unconscious, we get to know ourselves more – especially since there were and are things that we push inside the depths of our minds.

senso memory mattress benefits lucid dreamingTraining Ground for Waking Life

It may sound ridiculous, but lucid dreaming may be a training ground for the things we do in real life. You’ve probably read it on some stories, but it really does happen. Once one lucid dreams, he or she has the capacity to practice a skill that he or she has been wanting to practice. It seems like this advantage may have come from a science fiction story, but lucid dreaming can actually act as a simulator to practice something again and again until perfected.

Releases Creative Potential

Lucid dreaming is as magical as what you read on books and see in films. Having limitless freedom lets us explore a lot of things without having to take serious consequences. One can fly or walk through walls, or even slay a ten-headed dragon! You may even have supernatural powers in your dreams! These amazing feats should serve as an awesome source of inspiration in case you write a story or make an illustration.

Strengthens Cognitive Skills

Lucid dreaming does not only affect our unconscious, but also our cognitive skills. According to a particular study, lucid dreamers have better cognitive functioning skills than non-lucid dreamers. See? Now you have an excuse to

Weird as it may sound, but lucid dreaming is actually one way of strengthening one’s psychological health. So why not give it a try? And if you already have, we’d love to hear all about it from you.