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“Look Into My Eyes!” Decoding the Infamous Art of Hypnosis


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be able to alter other people’s thinking? Can you imagine taking full control of someone else’s actions? We’ve seen this phenomenon acted out in works of fiction, and in some instances, we’re left in awe and wonder. How far can we stretch the capabilities of our brain? Can our bodies be its own cage as it lays helpless on a sofa bed? And can our deepest secrets be stolen by a soulless, penetrating stare?

Such are the questions and possibilities that surround hypnosis, a psychological state in which a person loses part of his consciousness and becomes subject to manipulation of behavior. Find the topic interesting so far? Great! Now let’s break it down and decode its mystery!

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Thanks to popular culture, most of us has associated the concept of hypnosis to an image of an evil villain with a pocket watch. In a despicable endeavor to turn an innocent civilian into a helpless minion, the villain swings his watch back and forth as if it opens the gateway to our subconscious state. As cool as this may seem to many, it is after all a wrong perception of hypnosis.

Contrary to the understanding of the majority, a hypnotist doesn’t actually turns his subjects into mindless slaves. Rather, his role is to simply serve as a mental guide and give amplified focus to highlight certain pieces of memory. Distractions are completely blocked away, making room for particular thoughts or memories that the subject wants to dwell on.


During this state of “conscious sleep”, a subject is freed from all unnecessary and harmful thoughts, thus cleansing him from stress and worry. This makes hypnosis a rather useful tool for those suffering from serious anxiety. For as long as the subject gives full trust and control to the hypnotist, he should be able to achieve a peaceful haven within his own mind.

Though therapeutic and clinically proven, one must take the necessary precautions before even considering becoming a subject to hypnosis. For one, it is ideal if the process itself is recommended to you by a medical professional. Hypnosis is a serious act and you shouldn’t treat it as a one-stop shop to getting rid of your stress.

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There are dramatic variations of how each person experiences hypnosis. While some sense a feeling of detachment and extreme relaxation, others say that their actions tend to occur outside their conscious will. There have also been cases where the subject has full control over themselves while under hypnosis. It really depends on what the particular hypnosis is trying to achieve.

From immediate physical sensations to a one-of-a-kind trip to your own subconscious, hypnosis can dramatically alter our perception. And although hypnotists have varying techniques, the purpose of their instruction will always be to guide a participant to achieve their cognitive awareness. It’s kinda like “Inception” really, but without the guns and trains and Leonardo DiCaprio.