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Gift of Comfort: 12 Father’s Day Gift Ideas to Give Dad the Best Nights Ever

To most of us, our fathers are our heroes. They don’t wear a cape or wield a shield but they keep us safe and protected more than any comic hero could ever do. They don’t have supernatural powers too, but their power and influence over us are so strong we know we could be whatever we want to be because our dads believed in us.

Soon, it will be Father’s Day. Your family must be planning a special lunch or dinner or maybe a weekend getaway for the amazing dads in your family. And you are also probably thinking of unique gift ideas for dads. Let’s face it: it is more of a challenge to decide on what to give fathers than think of a present for mothers.

Think about what your father, or our fathers, have been missing. Think about what they need. Think about their health especially as they age. The best Father’s Day gift ideas are those that show how much we care about them. Since fathers became fathers, the one thing they probably have been missing is sleep — lots of it. It is not easy to co-parent and still work long hours. So if you are still looking for the perfect gift, consider sleep care items for fathers. The gift of a better sleep cannot be measured and could not be any more thoughtful.

According to research, new fathers get less than six hours of interrupted sleep and still have to work throughout the day. This is the reason why they are tired and fatigued. Give them a break with these Father’s Day gift ideas for better sleep.

PJs fit for royalty

Fathers Day PJ Fits for Royalty

Photo courtesy of Pete Markham via Flickr

Does your dad still sleep in his street clothes? Don’t you think he deserves to sleep like a king? Get him comfortable pajamas with soft and breathable fabric. Pick out PJs that caress his skin like satin. If your dad is on the fun, cool side, choose designs that are playful and bright. But if he is on the serious side, there are safe, solid colors and designs too.

Pillow for sweet escapes

Fathers Day Pillow

Photo courtesy of Uratex Foam Philippines

A lot of people do not pay attention to their mattresses, let alone bed accessories. For as long as they can sleep, any would do. But the quality of sleep should never be compromised especially as they age. On their special day, give your dads sleep items that will allow them to sleep better and faster. The Soft Escape Pillow is a perfect pillow for dads with its special, high density foam that seems to cradle them to sleep. It is encased in a smooth microfiber cover for extra comfort.

Premium head and neck support

Fathers Day Premium Head and Neck Pillow

Photo courtesy of Olichel via Pixabay

The Uratex Therapoint Comfort Collection features pillows that offer remarkable head, neck and shoulder support. It uses a highly-resilient and highly-buoyant foam to promote natural spine alignment. They are also contoured to adjust according to the shape’s head and sleeping angle.

Power of restorative sleep

Fathers Day Restorative Sleep

Photo courtesy of Uratex

Does your dad often complain that his muscles ache immediately after getting out of bed? Replace his mattress with one that revolutionizes sleep.

A great mattress for dads is an orthocare mattress that offers exceptional back support. The Uratex Orthocare Collection: Harmony, Bliss, Symmetry, and Balance is recommended by the Philippine Orthopedic Association because its design ensures proper spine alignment as well as its quality of distributing pressure all over the body to relieve body strain and joint pains. This is a perfect sleep item for aging dads most especially.

Luxury in dreamland

Fathers Day Luxury in Dreamland

Photo courtesy of Uratex

A staycation in a five-star hotel costs a lot and is very temporary. Why not bring home the luxury of a hotel stay by giving your dad a world-class, luxury mattress? The Premium Touch Sublime is a mattress that promotes sleep with its specially-crafted design that uses two layers of individually wrapped pocket coil springs. This means the mattress conforms to body movements, which minimizes tossing and turning throughout the night. It is also made of natural latex and memory foam for optimum comfort and support. This mattress with memory foam will surely make your dad feel like he is in a luxury hotel, drifting off to dreamland.

Swim in a sea of comfy sheets

Fathers Day Sea of Comfy Sheet

Photo courtesy of PublicDomainPictures via Pixabay

There are several brands of sleep-promoting sheets in the market that you can get your dad this Father’s Day. They are normally allergen-free and temperature-regulating. They are not made of silk (like you’ll probably imagine Hugh Hefner in) but it’s made up of t-shirt-like softness, your dads won’t want to let it go.

Light underneath

Most dads, given their protective nature, have very good reflexes. When someone wakes up at night, they’ll know — especially when their wives have to turn on the light then tiptoe their way into the restroom. They wake up and then they find it hard to go back to sleep. A motion-activated under-the-bed light is a good solution to this dilemma. This lights the way without bothering the one sleeping.

Tea time before bedtime

Fathers Day Tea Before Bedtime

Photo courtesy of pompi via Pixabay

Help your dads have better sleep by giving him a pack of bedtime tea. Choose the variant without caffeine, of course. Tea with all-natural ingredients such as chamomile, valerian and peppermint are known to induce sleep. It probably won’t knock your dads out like a bottle of whisky would, but it surely is the safer and healthier alternative.

Humidify for better sleep

There are a lot of benefits in using a humidifier while you sleep. A humidifier puts moisture back into the air, which significantly reduces airborne viruses. Say goodbye to dry sinuses and growling morning voice because of dry vocal chords. Humidifiers also help you breathe better. There are humidifiers with electronic humming which most people tend to sleep to.

Sweet scents for sweet dreams

Fathers Day Sweet Scent for Sweet Dreams

Photo courtesy of monicore via Pixabay

Most dads don’t probably get this but it’s worth a try. The gift of a relaxing scent is one of the best Father’s Day gift ideas for better sleep. Lavender, chamomile, rose and jasmine are some of the scents and essential oils known to promote sleep. Brains have curious reactions to certain scents and aromas (like how the scent of caffeine wakes you up in the morning) and the naturally relaxing scent of these oils tells the brain it is time to hit the sack.

Who’s afraid of the dark?

Photo courtesy of Matthew Mordoch via Flickr

Help your dad sleep faster and easier with blackout shades. Sunshine peering through the window can easily interrupt one’s sleep. Blackout shades would certainly improve their sleep environment and promote a healthy sleep-wake cycle.

Monitor sleep health

One of the most thoughtful sleep care items for fathers cannot be bought from stores, but from an app store. If your dad is having trouble sleeping and staying asleep throughout the night, sleep monitoring apps can be the best gift for them. Download apps that record nighttime sleep disturbances and monitor heart rate. There are also sleep apps that produce sounds that lull you into slumber.

This Father’s Day, show the dads in your family some love by giving them the gift of a refreshing sleep. Go over the many sleep items for fathers that will help them be more productive throughout the day and get them into a happier mood.