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Feng Shui Tips on Buying a Bed

Whether you’re about to take a short nap or a full night’s sleep, you have to know that a bedroom needs good feng shui in order to maximize the comfort and pleasure you deserve. A bedroom setup has to be planned sensibly in such a way that it will serve as a place where you could recharge your energy for tomorrow and the many more days to come. And I’m sure everyone wants to feel safe and sound when they’re within the four falls of their own bedroom. Mind you, that of all the furniture found in this section of your home, the bed is always the most important piece you’ll ever find.  Your bed, when in perfect condition, should provide a linkage to our personal energy that furthermore connects deeply to our mind, body and soul.

Sleeping is a natural part of every person’s daily routines. A lifestyle that involves constant lack of sleep will eventually lead to straining health problems. When you are deprived of sleep, you open yourself to the possibility of potentially harmful mood swings. An important factor in acquiring sweet, uninterrupted sleep is to have a nice and sturdy bed to lie on. To the many who long for a healthy and rejuvenating sleeping routine, I urge you to read on for some feng shui tips you may first consider before buying a bed.

There can be a number of ways to determine what type of bed would suit you best. If you’re still undecided whether what size to go for, don’t be worried. As long as you get a good grasp of the following essential key points, the answer to that initial thought will eventually come up soon.

Feng Shui Bedroom

Select the perfect mattress.

Consider investing on a mattress that would give you plenty of comfort and relaxation after a long day. Remember, you need a superior mattress in order to get ample sleep every time you lie on it. It is highly encouraged to purchase a new mattress rather than buying a used one. This is because a second-hand mattress may not have obtained good feng shui energy from the previous user. Mattresses with positive energy will surely promote better sleep and health. The feng shui energy of mattresses greatly depends on its components, so if you want to have an optimal energy flow, then the most recommended type of mattress is the foam mattress. Other mattress types that are qualified in this category are spring mattresses and the waterbed mattresses.

Remember: The headboard needs to be firm.

Treat the headboard as your shield against any bad feng shui energy. Since it has been mentioned earlier that feng shui is all about balance, choose a headboard that corresponds to the five elements, namely, fire, earth, metal, water and wood. Similar to a mountain, the headboard has to have the ability to withstand any bad feng shui energy that may try to interfere with the good one. Also, as much as possible, see to it that there are no sharp edges on the headboard. The usual type of headboard being used is the one that is made of wood. Since it’s believed that wood is not purely solid, it’s regarded as gentle enough to support good feng shui energy. With a good headboard, you are certain that positive energy will always surround you.

Bedroom with Balanced Energy

Allow balanced energy flow all over the bed.

This pertains to the flow of energy inside the room, which should not be limited to one area of the bedroom. Proper circulation will sustain a balanced energy flow all throughout one’s life.

Another factor to consider includes using high quality linen sheets that have good color combinations. And to experience pleasure at its finest, use pure cotton linens as it contributes to regaining more positive energy. Try also placing a table on either sides of your bed. This is advised so you would have space to put on your lampshade that should be proven useful when you have to get up in the middle of the night.