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Festival-themed Design Ideas Perfect for Your Living Room

The living room is one of the first things a guest sees when entering a home. Most of the time, it’s also where families spend quality time together. That’s why when designing your living room, nothing is more important than making sure it’s as inviting and lively as it can be.

Inviting and lively, now those are some keywords. If that’s what you’re aiming for when looking for interior decoration ideas, what’s better than Philippine festivals to take inspiration from? As some of the primary tourist attractions in the Philippines, the country’s various festivals are among the most fun, inviting, and lively celebrations in the world!

Take down some notes as you find inspiration in some of the most amazing festival-themed decorations for your living room from Uratex. With these festive interior design ideas, you can start planning on buying cool living room accessories that are perfect for a stylish home.

Tribal Look

Tribal Look

Uratex Sofa Bed
Photo courtesy of Uratex Foam Philippines

Among the many interior design ideas, a tribal-inspired living room is nothing new. But with a touch of Philippine festivals such as the Ati-Atihan, Sinulog, and Dinagyang, your living room can be as lively as the actual festivals themselves! If you have limited space, you can opt for the easily converted cosmo sofa beds and look for wall decor with tribal motifs like geometric patterns and feathers that have lively and eye-catching designs. With this theme, you can have fun with living room decorations.

Ethnic-Modern in White

White is obviously a trendy and the go-to color scheme for any living room. For this festival-themed room idea, you can infuse modern, white-colored furniture and sofa bed easily found in the Uratex catalog. You can also look for geometric pillow designs for a tribal yet contemporary appeal. Stay consistent by fusing modern and ethnic elements in your living room.

Feathery Accents

Many fiestas in the Philippines use feathers in costumes and these can be great inspirations in home furnishing. This can go in the form of feathery pillow designs and ornaments. You can also use feathers that resemble different native birds. Since we’re talking about Philippine festivals, why not try go all out on your living room furniture and use feathery accents throughout your room?

Traditional Filipiniana

Traditional Filipiniana

Uratex Sofa Bed
Photo courtesy of Uratex Foam Philippines

If a feathery accent isn’t your thing, you can take a more nationalistic route and turn to traditional Filipiniana. Do you remember your living room in your old family home? Cream to bronze-colored pillows and sofas, abaca fiber accents, and traditional Filipino decor are some of the things you can use.

Religious Décor

Of the many festivals in the Philippines, most of them are related to a religious image like the Santo Niño and the Black Nazarene. There are many religious home decorations, inspired by these images such as paintings and other local artwork. Don’t worry, you won’t look old-fashioned as long as you use equally lively colors.


For Spanish-inspired festival designs, romantic furniture such as sofa beds are the go-to furniture. For decorations, you can opt for romantic pillows and DIY flowery curtains. Choose your color palette between earthy and woody tones to different shades of red such as rose and deep red for a quintessentially Spanish appeal.

Fruity Design

Fruit Design

Uratex Comfort and Joy Sofa Bed
Photo courtesy of Uratex Foam Philippines

With a variety of fruits available in the Philippines, it’s no wonder that there are festivals inspired by different fruits. To catch on with this fun interior design idea, your living room only needs to have furniture that are inspired by native fruits! Bananas, mangoes, pineapples, and mangosteen are among the Philippines’ well-known fruits. You can get fruity centerpieces and go for the citrus to candy colors when choosing your sofa bed.

Golden Color Scheme

Gold is a trendy and chic trend in interior design. Finding golden decorations for a festival-themed room design wouldn’t be too difficult with all the gold-colored motifs you can find even at the nearby bookstore. Go for golden ribbons, stars ceiling stickers, and even golden blankets.

Colorful Furniture

Philippine festivals are colorful and lively. Since your living room is an important part of your home, you need to add a splash of color to set an inviting and festive mood to your guests. That’s why taking inspiration from the colorful Philippine festivals is a no-brainer when looking for interior design ideas. You can choose from living room ideas with an assortment of color palettes. Use fun-filled fluffy pillows and Uratex sofa beds for a lively and cheerful mood.

Islander Theme

Islander Theme

Uratex Neo Sofa Bed
Photo courtesy of Uratex Foam Philippines

A beach-themed design is sure to bring “fun in the sun” into your living room without the harmful UV rays and sunburn. As an island nation, the Philippines has a wide array of festivals inspired by the sea. An island-themed living room is probably the best design option here. Simply go for furniture and upholstery that feature colors of the sun and the beach. You can also craft DIY sea designs like corals, starfish, and seashells.

Floral Bonanza

Another popular trend in living room decorations is the floral theme. Since there are many fiestas with flowery dancers and motifs, what better way to celebrate Philippine festivals than with flowers? Going for a flowery festival design is easy because all you need to look for are floral-themed decorations for your furniture. Think of Baguio’s Panagbenga festival. Spice up your classic monoblock tables by putting flower vases and floral table covers for a stylish and interesting look.

Tropical Motif

As a tropical country, it is no surprise that many Philippines festivals are inspired by the country’s climate. Bananas, coconuts, and other tropical fauna are some of the most common materials used in Philippine festivals. To go for this festival-themed room idea, you can go for a creative session and make a DIY spoon mirror that wouldn’t cost you a lot, or any at all. Design it using colors of tropical plants such as banana leaf designs and plant motifs.

With Uratex, your living room can be one of the most fun and stylish spaces in your home if you design it right. Have you found your ideal design theme?