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How to Fight Sleepiness During Work

Feeling sleepy during work is a great disaster — your eyelids droop slowly, the words on your laptop become blurred, and to top it off, you give a big yawn just as your boss passes by. With deadlines to meet and important meetings to attend, you need all the energy you can get during work. Here are some tips on how to fight drowsiness while at the office:

Drink some coffee. Drinking a cup of coffee is a common routine by many. In fact, some people can’t get through a day without it. According to the medical research, approximately 90% of the caffeine contained in a cup of coffee is cleared from the stomach within 20 minutes after oral ingestion, with its stimulating effects commencing within an hour and lasting three to four hours.

Gulp down ice cold water. A great way to refresh your body is to drink some ice cold water. Aside from soothing your dry mouth, water also gives oxygen to your body.  So drink a glass of water and feel the oxygen reviving your body. You can also consider splashing some water on your face to wake you up.

If drinking water is not enough to wake your sleepy head, why not do some stretching or walking?  No need to over-exert yourself, simple stretching and breathing exercises can improve mental and physical relaxation and also enhance the ability of the body to perform while at work.

Eat something sweet.  Sweets are high in sugar content; foods rich in carbohydrates can give you a quick boost of energy. Be warned though, that sweets will only give you a sugar rush and will not be able to sustain your energy the whole day.

Sit comfortably. Try to sit in an alert position that keeps you focused on work. Maintain a good and ergonomic posture so that you concentrate on your work.

Most importantly though, make sure you get enough sleep at night. Being extremely sleepy at work may indicate that you’re not getting sufficient sleep in the evening. Go to bed early so you’ll be refreshed and alert for work the next day.