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Foam Mattress vs. Innerspring Mattress

And so here we are again with the whole mattress affair. This time, I’d like to tell you about foam mattresses going against innerspring mattresses in an all-out battle. Here, I’ll be talking about the pros and cons of innerspring and foam mattresses. It’s going to a battle for support, comfort, and durability. So, really, what is the best mattress?

Well, does it?

Round 1 – Support

Starting with spring mattresses, it’s easy to see what kind of mattress has the upper hand in this round. Spring mattresses don’t provide pressure point relief. Due to the uniformity of the amount of force the springs provide all throughout the whole of the mattress, proper support is difficult, or dare I say, impossible to obtain because of the natural curves present in our bodies that do not push down evenly. On the other hand, foam mattresses, especially those made of Uratex memory foam, provide support relative to the shape of the object (or body) that is on it. Foam mattresses distribute weight evenly. It provides proper support for your body, and that segues us to the next round. But as for this one, in terms of support, foam mattresses win!

Round 2 – Comfort

Let’s give innerspring mattresses a chance here. Let’s compare foam mattresses with an orthopedic innerspring. Orthopedic innerspring mattresses boast independent, multi-pocket springs that supposedly mold and contour to your body’s natural shape and weight. Sounds okay right? But let’s step back a second and remember the uniformity of the amount of force springs provide throughout the whole of the mattress. You can call it independent, multi-pocket, but whatever adjective you put before the word “spring,” it still has the same characteristic. It exerts the same amount of force anywhere. It’s not as smart as a foam mattress, especially a memory foam one. Since the principle of viscosity really conforms to your body’s natural shape, there is more comfort. You toss and turn less, and that means your sleep better. It ensures good blood circulation and be assured that you won’t wake up with stiff necks and aching backs anymore. Comfort-wise, foam mattresses win.

Now that's the best mattress!

Round 3 – Durability

Well what about maintenance and efficiency? Let me bring it to you quick through steps of logic. Have you heard of the term “malleability?” It’s the characteristic that metals have in which it is pliable enough to be reshaped into a different form by an application of sufficient force added to the frequency of the application. Let me tell you something. The springs that make up innerspring mattresses are made of steel, which is a metal. Metals are malleable, even though it is shaped into a coil, specifically designed to stall this process of slow, but inevitable reshaping. Bottom line, spring mattresses sag. They sag faster than foam mattresses. That’s why it is required that you have to flip innerspring mattresses every few months. But with Uratex foam mattresses, you don’t have to flip them, especially with memory foam mattresses. There is virtually no maintenance required on the foam mattress itself. So I guess, that’s 3-0? I’m sorry, innerspring mattresses, but that’s just the truth. Foam mattresses are better.

Uratex polyfoam and memory foam mattresses are a new technology. It’s like switching from monochromatic CRT screens to High-Definition LCD or LED screens. It’s an innovation. It’s an improvement to the former. It’s a rule that this new technology must replace the old and outdated innerspring mattresses. So, what are you waiting for, now that you know what the best kind of mattress is, switch to the new and better Uratex polyfoam mattresses!