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FOAMYSELF: Perks of Having Your Own Bed

sleeping laone

If you have siblings, a partner, or pets, sleeping alone seems like an unthinkable thing. Some people think that having to sleep alone is … gulp … the universal symbol of being lonely, but is it really such a bad thing? 

If you find catching zzz’s alone on a foam from the Philippines as a bit of a downer, but we here at Uratex think otherwise. You might not realize it yet, but being alone on a bed has its own perks.

If you don’t believe us, then these reasons should help you see the light!


No Fighting for Space

Some nights you feel lonely and you want a little bit of human touch to comfort and assure you. On other nights, having someone to be there for you in your sleep can get a little old, annoying even, especially if the two of you is fighting over space – and you’re losing.

In the end, having more than enough space for yourself is a lot better than having someone beside you. Possibly.

My Germs!

The problem with sleeping with someone beside you is that you can get whatever they’re having. We don’t mean food; we mean communicable diseases. This is why it’s a common precaution for people to not sleep with infected individuals.

If there’s no one else sleeping on your bed, then that means you’re not catching anything anytime soon. Likewise, you’re not spreading any of your germs either, which is a considerate thing to do.

Won’t Be Bothered

Some people move a lot in their sleep. Some snore so loudly that it’s hard to catch zzz’s whenever they’re only a few inches away from you. They either don’t know or are very apologetic that you’re losing sleep because of them, but they can’t help it, so you have no choice but to grin and bear it.

Or maybe it’s not them; it’s you. You’re the one who’s tossing and turning at night; you’re the one keeping the person beside you wide awake because of your snoring. But what can you do? You can’t help it. Sometimes the guilt trip can be so bad that you’d rather be the one losing sleep than be the one making someone else lose theirs.

When only have you, yourself, and you alone on whichever side – or all sides – of the bed that is yours, your precious beauty sleep won’t have to be interrupted by random movements or labored breathing, and their won’t have to be cut short because of whatever uncontrollable mannerisms you can’t control.

The Secrets You Keep

There are some people – probably including you – who talk in their sleep whenever they’re dreaming, making those around them intrigued listeners. On their part it’s either free entertainment or a complete nuisance, while it’s an embarrassment on yours.

On a different but definitely related note, there are those whose dreams are tied in with reality. And secrets are parts of reality that can manifest in dreams. When they do and you happen to be a sleep-talker, then you’re pretty much finished if the person you’re keeping it from hears it.

If you sleep alone, no matter how devastating and supposedly covert that secret you accidentally divulged may be, you’re still in the clear – not a single ear is listening.


On paper, sleeping alone is melodramatic, even depressing. But in reality, depending on your perspective, it can be pretty sweet. After all, there’s no better me time than sleep time.