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Last Friday Night: Cleaning Your Bedroom After A Slumber Party

bed mattress cleaning slumber partySlumber parties are one of the best things that anyone can experience – it is for both the young people and the young at heart. However, preparing for one can get pretty tedious, especially when it comes to planning the night’s activities and knowing what bed mattress to use. And if you think it’s not tiring enough, wait until you get to the cleaning!

Don’t worry though. To help you in tidying up the bedroom right after a fun sleepover, here is a step-by-step process on how to make what seems like a chore a lot easier and more fun.

STEP 1: Begin Big

Slumber parties, like any other parties, can mean a lot of trash – crumbs, wrappers, and even crumpled papers. This can be a lot worse for bedrooms that don’t have trash bins in them, as it tempts visitors to just throw or place trash anywhere.

When cleaning your bedroom, it is best to start with trash that can be easily picked up. Put them in trash bags; in choosing its size, you should consider how much trash you’ll be putting in it. If there are only a few pieces of trash, you may opt to use small grocery bags or paper bags instead. Also, it is more ideal to segregate your trash. Not all trash are non-biodegradable, thus segregating them will be one of the best things that you can do in cleaning.

making the bed mattressSTEP 2: Stretch and Change

Making one’s bed does not only include stretching the sheets or arranging your pillows accordingly. If needed and possible, you should also change the sheets or pillow cases. Who knows? Some drinks might have spilt on your bed during your slumber party night. You don’t want ants infesting your now-sweet sheets, do you?

STEP 3: Sweep and Wipe

Dressers, desks, and floor are the most common things you should clean after a slumber party. Wiping specks of food particles off desks and dressers will prevent insects like ants and roaches from invading your room. In wiping them, make sure to use materials that won’t leave scratches on the surface of desks and dressers.

sweeping bedroom cleaning mattressIn sweeping the floor, include each corner of your room together with the space under your bed. You probably won’t find traumatizing monsters under the bed, but you might actually discover something far more horrible – trash. That is why you’ll have to clean it as well because of the same reason – to avoid pest infestation.

Also, if you have a mirror in your room, make sure to use glass cleaner in wiping it to avoid scratches on the surface.

STEP 4: Suck It Up

Why should you vacuum the floor? Because of dust, lots of it, especially if its carpeted, which definitely needs to cleaning. Of course, not all dust particles had been cleaned up when you swept your room and wiped your drawers and desks. Vacuuming your room thoroughly will remove them and prevent them from piling.

See? Cleaning your bedroom after a slumber party isn’t really that hard!