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Fun And Functional Christmas Gifts For Kids

Demi’s memory of Christmases in her childhood years is full of blinking lights around the cozy living room, gifts in colorful wrapping paper, and giddy anticipation for visiting cousins. “Christmas is for children,” her departed grandmother used to say. Demi, now with kids of her own, strives to make the holiday as enjoyable as possible. She would prepare her holiday gift list as early as February and finish her shopping by October. Demi prefers to buy or create gifts way before people flock into malls and bazaars for midnight sales. “I don’t just go for cheap choices. I want to give someone something that he or she will value and use. So I pay attention to each person in my gift list,” she says.

Christmas is just around the corner. Surprise your little kids, siblings and other young children in your family with unconventional gift ideas for kids. Here’s a list for you.


A gift for a little princess

Gift for Princess

Photo Courtesy of Matheus Bertelli via Pexels

The usual Christmas gifts for kids are toys. Children receive so many dolls, toy cars and other plastic items that they will forget about weeks, or even days, after the gift giving. Why not give kids presents that they will love and use for a long time? You can buy a cool hoodie they can sport during rainy school days or juice tumblers with fun designs. You can also give them their very own multi-functional sofa.

Uratex Philippines’ Kiddie Sit and Sleep serves both as a chair and a bed. Your charming little niece will surely love the Disney Sofia The First design in glorious pink. Sofia The First is a popular heroine for young girls, even older ones, for her wit, kind heart and fairytale life. If you’re not aware, Disney character Sofia became a princess not by blood, but when her mother marries a king. She faces the daily challenges with the help of Disney princess you’re surely familiar with yourself. The Kiddie Sit and Sleep is perfect for kids aged 1 -3 years old.


Help kids sleep better with a functional present

Functional Present

Photo Courtesy of Uratex Philippines

If you’re a parent yourself, you know the predicament is putting kids to sleep. Children have high levels of energy in them and they love to be always on-the-move even past bedtime. Adults, on the contrary, would give anything for extra hours of sleep on a grueling work week. What about you give your active young cousins a good reason to go to bed on time?

The Uratex Kiddie Sit and Sleep is made of high quality foam that cradles the body for a satisfying sleep. It’s a dual-purpose gift for kids: a chair for their TV watching and a bed for sleeping time. No little girl will say “no” to Elsa and Anna, the most-loved sisters in the entire Kidsdom. Frozen is considered the most successful animated film of all time and the reasons are quite obvious. The animation is astounding, the characters are endearing, the musical score is truly catching, and more importantly, it speaks of the precious love between siblings. The Kiddie Sit and Sleep is light weight; your kids can even bring it to sleepovers.


A Christmas gift for kids’ family time

Gift for kids

Photo Courtesy of freestocks.org via Pexels

Computer games can help boost a child’s memory retention and problem-solving skills. However, unregulated gadget usage can pose risk to their physical health and social skills. Parents should find a balance between online and offline education tools for their kids’ development. A study published by the University of Pennsylvania suggests that mental stimulation at the age of four is instrumental to a person’s language and cognition development. The researchers said that the experience of a nurturing home environment could impact a person’s brain development regardless of familial predispositions to better brains.

The Uratex Kiddie Sit and Sleep is a smart gift for kids this Christmas. Your little daughter will surely appreciate family time more if she has a beautiful couch of their own. The Minnie Mouse (You Can Do It) design is a mini sofa and foldable bed that can be transferred to any place of the house. She can lounge on it while spending time with the family in the living room, or in the playroom with her siblings and friends. Why not plan an outdoor camping soon? You can do star gazing, storytelling by the campfire and fun games. Your daughter’s sleeping bed is already covered!


A fun and functional gift for your nephew

Gift for Nephew

Photo Courtesy of Pixabay via Pexels

What are gifts for kids that their parents will also love? Gift checks may top the list, followed by clothes. Parents expect their kids to receive lots of new toys during the yuletide season. Many of these will, sadly, just gather dust in the playroom. Why not give a present that’s functional, fun and can be used for years to come? Think of something that children can’t outgrow for a long time like a sofa bed.

Your nephew can use the Uratex Sit and Sleep multi-purpose sofa throughout his toddler years. It’s made of high quality foam that will last for years. Fold it in for seating and fold it out for sleeping. The Mickey Mouse (Sporting Hero) design will suit your little nephew who is as adorable as the famous Disney character. The Kiddie Sit and Sleep can serve as extra bed for friends and cousins sleeping over. All of the other three designs come with a soft pillow.

Demi, like any other parent, would love to give her kids the best Christmas each year. The yuletide season is something for her entire family to look forward to. She wants to pass on the tradition of a loving home atmosphere to her children like her large extended family did throughout her happy childhood. The presents, although appreciated, are just secondary to the real gifts of this season: love, peace and togetherness. As Laura Ingalls Winder once wrote: “Our hearts grow tender with childhood memories and love of kindred, and we are better throughout the year for having, in spirit, become a child again at Christmastime.”