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Space-Saving Design: 10 Furniture Worth the Splurge

With the rise of condominiums and small apartments, homeowners are looking for furniture that would not only look good in any given space, but would be useful for different purposes too. A home design for a small space should be efficient and stylish—from ergonomic sofas with foam to a catch-all living room shelf.

So you think that you don’t have enough space in your small home? Chances are there’s plenty of options if you consider ingenious furniture. Small spaces can be inspiring because it requires creativity and resourcefulness. Get fantastic home design ideas on how to maximize your space with these 10 space-saving furniture worth splurging on.

1. Catch-All Living Room Shelf

Living Room Shelf

Photo courtesy of Unsplash via Pixabay

It’s crucial to keep your small home clutter-free. By ensuring that your shelf is generously divided and runs high up the wall, your living room design can immediately look modern and spacious. There are lots of ready-made options, but you can also splurge a little and have your shelf custom-made. This shelf can be great for your books and other functional and decorative items such as photos and trinkets. Maximize the wall by purchasing a shelf that is as high as your ceiling. You won’t lose any floor space, but will gain a lot more storage space.

2. Stylish and Comfortable Uratex Sofa Bed

One of best space-saving furnitures in the Philippines is a stylish and comfortable sofa bed.

Comfortable Uratex Sofa Bed

Get your ideal solution for a limited space with the Uratex Sofa Bed
Photo courtesy of Uratex Foam Philippines

This can uplift the design of your living room while providing stylish functionality. In fact, living room furniture trends in 2016 stress the importance of having practical yet aesthetically pleasing sofas. The Uratex sofa bed is up on trend because of it’s design enveloped in a smooth shimmering velvet fabric combined with high-quality foam of medium firm feel. It’s a dual-purpose furniture, providing extra sleeping space while still looking attractive.

3. Kitchen Island with Built-In Storage

 Built-In Storage

Photo courtesy of Chalon Handmade via Flickr, Creative Commons

No doubt that the kitchen is one of the busiest areas in most Filipino households. Given this, one of the most practical home furniture for the Filipino home is a functional kitchen island. You can integrate small ready-made cabinets to your existing island or have it custom-made to suit your needs. Since the kitchen is often abuzz with activities, a kitchen island with extra storage will help you keep this area clean and organized. Preparing and eating meals will feel more pleasant.

4. Affordable yet Practical Neo Sofa Bed

Practical Neo Sofa Bed

Have a sofa by day and an extra sleeping space for guests at night with the Uratex Neo Sofa bed
Photo courtesy of Uratex Foam Philippines

If you’re operating within a limited budget, you can still get a bang for your buck with practical space-savers like the Neo Sofa bed. Great for studios, condos and dorms, this sofa bed can easily fit into many small spaces because of its compact design. It’s a smart space-saving furniture for small apartments because it’s flexible and very easy to use. If you like inviting friends and family over to your space, the Neo Sofa bed can easily transform your living room into a comfortable sleeping area.

You don’t have to ask someone to sleep on the floor or turn down guests because you can provide them comfort along with firm and cozy foam mattresses from Uratex Philippines. From refreshing ones to orthopedic mattresses, you can choose from a variety of sleep care products to make your home more conducive and clutter-free.

5. Extendable Task Lamp

extendable task lamp

Photo courtesy of jacquess27 via Pixabay

A small room can look even more cramped and gloomy without proper lighting. Having an extendable task lamp can help you illuminate dark corners in your space, giving it a more inviting and spacious appearance. Home design for small spaces must never forget about sophisticated yet functional lighting fixture. The extendable arm can be adjusted to save space or be used in different areas. You can use this innovative lamp when you’re working at home or if you just want to create that warm and flattering effect in your space.

6. Lounge-Worthy Strata Sofa Bed

Worthy Strata Sofa Bed

Style meets function in the Uratex Strata Sofa bed
Photo courtesy of Uratex Foam Philippines

Does your small space make you feel constrained? Or does it force you to stay somewhere else to relax? Consider having a Strata sofa bed by Uratex to solve your design and practical dilemma. This furniture is not just your typical sofa. It utilizes space-saving home design that allows different functions. For example, you can variously use it as your couch, bed or lounge. With this furniture, you can also create a festive living room design that’s great for showing your home’s beauty. It also comes with a free pillow.

7. Kid’s Table with Smart Compartment

table with smart compartment

Photo courtesy of The Wood Whisperer via Google Search

With limited space, many parents wonder how they can accommodate their child’s learning and creative needs. One of the best space-savers for this is a kid’s table with smart compartments. This furniture can strike a healthy balance between playtime and study time, all while providing storage. Now, you can give your child a space to call their own. Having this furniture can help create an environment that encourages your child’s imagination and exploration.

8. Sleek Cosmo Sofa Bed

Sleek Cosmo Sofa Bed

Grab a sleek addition to your modern living space with the Uratex Cosmo Sofa bed
Photo courtesy of Uratex Foam Philippines

Searching for space-saving furniture ideas without sacrificing style? The Cosmo Sofa Bed could be what you’re looking for. Employing modern design, the Cosmo Sofa Bed is simple yet distinct with its clean lines and comfortable texture. It is available in a variety of classy colors and has rich Dobby fabric that comes in elegant, neutral color schemes. The shape is rounded, giving this furniture a clean look. Its sleek contour also offers a more comfortable seating and even a sleeping experience.

9. Doorless and Expandable Closet

Doorless and Expandable Closet

Photo courtesy of HAR.com

Did you know that people around the world consume twice the amount of material goods than 50 years ago? How much stuff you own could provide a partial explanation why many spaces feel cluttered nowadays. If you feel overwhelmed by all the clothes in your small living space, then consider having a doorless and expandable closet. This will help you organize and clearly see all the necessary clothing items you should keep.

10. Comfort and Joy Sofa Bed with Improved Support

joy sofa bed

Relax at the comfort of your home with Uratex Comfort and Joy Sofa bed
Photo courtesy of Uratex Foam Philippines

The Uratex Comfort and Joy Sofa bed is unique because it has thicker foundation for a much better support. Whether you’re sitting or sleeping on it, it provides you with the correct support and comfort. It is fantastic for those suffering from joint or back pains. The polycotton cover is also great to wick moisture and provide good insulation. What you get is a furniture that looks after your well-being.

Having limited space does not mean that you should forget about style and comfort. These 10 furniture ideas are perfect for a modern space design because of the way they combine aesthetics and ease of use. How do you intend to make the most of your space with these smart and stylish furniture? Let us know through the comments section.