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Furry Zzz’s: A Guide to Choosing a Dog Bed

After a hard day’s work, we all look forward to lying down and sleeping on our plush and inviting beds. We invest on ones that could give us a good night’s sleep and would give us our money’s worth. We make sure that they’re made of high-quality foam that would not give us neck and back problems. In short, we meticulously pick them because it matters that much to us.

Though of course, we are not the only ones who need beds in our lives—our pet dogs do, too! Yes, they my love cuddling with us at night, but it’s better that we provide them with their own resting area. This is what’s best for both our furry friends AND ourselves.

Listed below are tips that you can follow when buying a bed for your dog. Do it right and your pooch will thank you!


Know which type of bed to buy

dog bed type

There are a lot of kinds of dog beds that you can purchase, depending on the size of your dogs. Of course, if you have an adult Golden Retriever, you’re not supposed to buy him/her a bed for a Chihuahua. You can pick bolster beds for larger breeds and nesting beds for smaller ones; extra-padded and orthopedic beds for arthritic dogs; waterproof beds for hassle-free cleaning; and travel beds for those times when you want to bring your pets with you for a vacation!

Know what they’re made of

dog bed materials

After determining what type of bed you will buy, it’s time to know what materials it’s composed of. Polyfil is usually used for dog beds—foam can be combined with it for more durability. Some beds are structured specially for different breeds and conditions of dogs. It’s important to take note of these things because the materials are what will make your dog beds last longer.

Be mindful of your budget

dog and money

Set a price range when buying dog beds. Prices of these beds vary so it’s recommended that you do a little research before deciding to take home one. If you’re running on a limited budget, look for affordable dog beds. However, don’t scrimp too much or you will end up with a poor-quality dog bed which won’t satisfy you and your pet.

Pick designs and patterns

dog bed material

You would want the dog bed that you will buy to match with the over-all design or theme of your home. It wouldn’t hurt to play it up a little bit and add your personal touches. A lot of pet stores have a wide array of bed designs that would go well with your dog’s personality or your personality as well!

Check if you have enough room for it in your home

dog space

If you have a limited space in your room or in your whole house, see first what dog beds would be suitable for the area you have. If you have a compact space, it would be best to use a corner bed. Another option would be to use beds that can be stored away during the day, but if this is not possible, pick the ones that can also serve as additional furniture.



Choosing the right bed for your dog may seem like an easy task, but apparently, it’s not as simple as you think it is. Remember that these beds should provide your dog with the comfort it needs. If your pup has special needs such as joint or leg problems, pick beds that would help it heal and relax and not those that may aggravate its situation.