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The “gift of comfort” your mom deserves on Mother’s Day

The “gift of comfort” your mom deserves on Mother’s Day
( Business Mirror – May 8, 2013)

During the second Sunday of the spring season of May in the West and the middles of the scorching summer heat here in Asia, nations of different cultures take time out to pay tribute to the woman who matters the most – our mothers. Aside from paying tribute to the so-called guiding light of our lives, Mother’s Day is also to stay together, have fun and fortify meaningful bonding moments with one another.

And Mother’s day 2013 is just around the corner. So if you’re scrambling to find something that’s perfect for that very nest where she cradled us in our growing-up years, why not opt to surprise her with a Uratex Premium Mattress? Not only you will give her something comfortable but you also get the chance to win something stylish for her.

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