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The Gift of Healthy Sleep

Why not express your care to your loved ones by giving a gift that will last throughout the years to come?  For those still in the dark of what to give away this holiday season, Uratex offers a wide selection of budget-friendly, practical, and effective foam mattresses, beddings, sofas and pillows that can pamper a variety of people – old and young alike.  Let the gift of sleep, health and wellness be your top priority in choosing your Christmas gifts this year!

Uratex Foam™ is known for its durability, support, comfort, and high-quality foam grade.  Uratex mattresses, ranging from basic foam mattresses to specialized beddings, are made from Uratex Foam™ and are very affordable, pricing between Php1,890 to Php38,499.75++.  They are available in Permahard (also referred to as orthopedic mattress), Comfort Plus (more polymer content to support heavier weights) and US rubber foam (higher resilience foam), among others.

How about mattress pad toppers for your parents or even siblings or relatives? Pad toppers are placed on the top of the mattress for additional comfort and pressure relief. The pressure peaks adjust to each contour of your body giving the perfect support while the hollow shapes promotes increased air circulation.  Choose between two Uratex mattress pad toppers – Uratex Bio-Aire Mattress Pad (Php699.75 – 1,299.75), and Permahard Bio-Aire Mattress Pad (Php999.75 – 1,599.75) for those who prefer or need a firmer support.

Uratex sofabeds are wonderful for newly married couples and small families who need to or are trying to save space in their homes. Foam sizes are from 30” x 75” to 60” x 75” and are priced between Php4,999 and Php9,599.75.
Uratex also offers a fun selection of terrific stocking stuffers!  Soft hypoallergenic pillows (Php269.75), neck ease high resilience pillows (Php599.75), contour plus pillows made from high density foam with convoluted surface (Php499.75), and snuggle huggable pillows made from 100% non-sag high-density polyurethane foam (Php399.75).  Non-allergenic soft and durable animal sponges (Php24.75 each) for the kids and gentle polyurethane foam body sponges (Php79.75 each) for the ladies on your list. Uratex body sponges boast an egg crate surface to thoroughly clean and exfoliate the skin.  Water-repellant camper mats (Php399.75) are also great for the kids for sleepovers or out-of-town trips.
Uratex Philippines cares about you and your loved ones.  What we sleep on and where we place our heads are certainly essential in our overall well-being and health.  Give the gift of sleep and health! Sweet dreams and Merry Christmas from the Uratex family!