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Gifts Your Dad Would Love Under P2000


This weekend, we celebrate the man who is our first love; our first hero; and our strong anchor to our family: Our dad. Help your dad have a cozier and more relaxed environment without breaking the bank this Father’s Day! Check out these items at very affordable prices.

Backease Pillow
Standard – 529.75
Supreme – 579.75


Let your dad get a comfier seat with the Backease Pillow. Not only does it provide a remarkable back support, but it lets your dad sit with ease whether he uses it for his work chair or car seat.

Senso Memory Ultima Plus Neckease Pillow

Senso Memory Ultima Plus Neckease Pillow

Is your dad always traveling for work? Ensure your dad gets enough sleep throughout his trip with the Senso Memory Ultima Plus Neckease Pillow. More than an ordinary pillow, this neckease pillow is made of special memory foam formulated Hydragel® beads to lower temperature up to 2°C. Combined with Cooler® knit fabric cover, it delivers a refreshingly cooler plush pillow to help him fall asleep fast.

Contour Plus Pillow


The Contour Plus Pillow will definitely win your dad’s heart. This amazing pillow provides ample support for the head and the neck. Plus, the convoluted layer helps wick away sweat by letting air flow freely.

Permahard Bio- Aire Mattress Pad
Price starts at P 1149,75

Permahard Bio-Aire Mattress Pad

The Permahard Bio-Aire Mattress Pad is a perfect fit for dads who prefer a firm feel. This wonder pad works in two ways: its convoluted form allows air to flow freely and provides a gentle massage for your back while you sleep. This will definitely help your dad wake up refreshed every day!

Nature Touch Massage Pillow


Do your folks enjoy therapeutic massages? Using a Nature Touch Massage Pillow would be an ideal gift to let your folks have their own mini-spa at the comforts of their home. The head chamber helps prevent neck pains during the massage.

Moulded Pillow


Whether used as a head pillow or a body pillow, the moulded pillow will maintain its form. It features a highly resilient form that conforms to your body movement while you sleep.