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The Glory of Beauty Sleep for Women and Why You Need It Everyday

There is no fountain of youth, but the next best thing to that is a basic human activity called sleep. Not sleep for the sake of sleeping but the kind that is restful, sufficient, and satisfying. Women call this “beauty sleep,” much like when Disney’s Aurora slept for years but remained beautiful and ageless while waiting for her prince. Beauty sleep is something women do when they need to prepare and look their best for an event. Notice why brides need to get beauty sleep?

But to get the full benefits of beauty sleep, women have to understand that magic is not going to happen overnight. It has to be a regular thing especially for women who want to fight aging, which according to experts start during your 20s or right around college graduation. So if you think everything’s fine until you’re 35, you have a lot of catching up to do.

Beauty sleep benefits are beyond skin deep. It improves overall health and improves productivity. According to sleep specialist Michael Breus, the goal is to get enough shuteye of 7 to 9 hours each night. By gradually increasing more zzz’s—like one or two hours—you could already see some improvement within just a few days. And if you keep it up for weeks, people will start to notice your glow.

To keep you motivated, here are some benefits of good sleep to women aged 25 to 35, when aging starts kicking in:

Radiant and glowing skin

beauty sleep radiant and glowing skin

#WokeUpLikeThis will work best if you had enough sleep. The skin renews itself while you’re asleep because skin cell regeneration almost doubles at night. While you’re sleeping, your beauty cells are actively working. During your beauty sleep, your skin is having a break from sunlight, pollution, and extreme temperatures, enabling it to carry out vital repairs in the skin to make it more glowing.

Dr. Breus also explains that blood flow is good when you are well-rested and relaxed. When you’re sleep-deprived, your complexion will look lifeless. Skin becomes dull because of a decrease in blood flow to the skin especially that which surrounds the face.

Fewer line and wrinkles

beauty sleep fewer lines and wrinkles

Some women in their 30s are shocked to find wrinkles on their face. But aging can really start earlier than expected when you’re not living healthy and not getting enough sleep.

When you sleep, your facial muscles are relaxed. Lying down reduces the downward pull of gravity, which helps smooth out wrinkles and lines. Sleep boosts the development of collagen that improves elasticity for a wrinkle-free skin. It also increases the production of melatonin or the hormone that acts as a skin-protecting antioxidant.

Bright, wide-awake eyes

beauty sleep wide-awake eyes

Photo courtesy of Uratex Foam Philippines


One of the reasons why women should get good sleep every day is to avoid having puffy eyes. When you have regular sufficient sleep, your eyes wouldn’t look so tired. To further reduce swelling, sleep experts advise using an extra pillow to elevate your head. The extra bed pillow allows fluid to drain from your face instead of pooling beneath the eyes, causing puffiness and eye bags.

Uratex Foam Philippines offers a variety of bed pillows to help you achieve the comfortable sleep you deserve. You can choose refreshingly cool pillows like the Airlite Pillows or a pair of Snuggles Pillow for, of course, snuggling.

Enough zzz’s will also prevent dark circles around the eyes. Discoloration under the eyes happens when blood doesn’t flow well and collect under the eyes, where the skin is so thin.

Healthy, shiny hair

beauty sleep shiny hair

Blood flow also affects the hair. If you’re not getting enough sleep, hair follicles do not get enough nutrients, vitamins, and minerals from blood flow. This affects growth of new hair. And when you don’t get regular beauty sleep, hair weakens and results in breakage and damage. And as you know, loss of sleep makes you more vulnerable to stress, which can cause you to lose more hair.

Look happy and healthy

beauty sleep look happy and healthy

When you’re tired and you didn’t get enough sleep, your body and your face are not going to hide it. The corners of your mouth may droop and your facial expressions change in subtle ways. Pale skin and swollen eyes with dark circles around it will make people comment: “You look tired.” Women who don’t get enough restful sleep look tired and even unhealthy at times. So if you want to look glowing and radiant, hit the sack more.

Reduce stress levels

beauty sleep reduce stress levels

Young women have to put up with a lot of things during the day. For some there’s office work and for others there’s children and household chores. And for many of them, both. This is why women need to invest in sleep more so that they can recharge and rejuvenate.

One of the precious benefits of good sleep to women is its ability to reduce stress levels. Stress upsets your hormones and leads to premature aging. When you have enough sleep, you maintain a good state of mind and you’re more relaxed.

More energy and better mood

beauty sleep more energy

Why do women need more sleep? Regular beauty sleep helps women increase their energy levels. Women in their 20s and 30s have a lot on their plate every day, so much so that when they lack sleep, they naturally feel a gap in energy and vitality leading to decreased productivity. When women are well-rested, their focus and memory work better and they become more productive throughout the day.

At the same time, women who are deprived of sleep are easily irritated. But after a good night’s sleep, they are happier and more positive. Sleep is a very effective mood enhancer.

Sleep is nature’s most powerful beauty treatment. It is also the most affordable ingredient to a healthier and happier life. So don’t ever compromise a satisfying sleep. Your mind and your body deserve a good one. If your beauty sleep is more regular, you sure will wake up to these awesome benefits.

Now, it’s time for bed.