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Good or Bad: Sleeping with Wet Hair

The timeless topic of “Sleeping with Wet Hair” has produced an abundance of articles over the Internet.  People all over are seemed to be concerned whether this act could cause colds or poor eyesight. But most sources are suggesting that such theories are mythical, for little to zero studies has found a direct correlation between sleeping with wet hair and the health impairments that I just mentioned. So does this mean that it causes no harm to us?

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Sleeping With Wet Hair

To sleep with wet hair is to cause a buildup of fungus on your pillow. Studies show that as people spend one third of their life sleeping, they also expose themselves to varied sources of fungi. This ecosystem exacerbates asthma, sinusitis, and other respiratory related diseases. Along with the discipline of drying our hair before you sleep, you should change your pillows a few times during your lifetime to avoid such consequences.

A damaged hair shaft is another downside of sleeping with wet hair. The “hydrogen bond” of our hair becomes fragile when wet- so lying down won’t help you get shiny fine hair.

On a more serious note, fungi and other diseases can also build up on your scalp. One common fungal infection is Dandruff, which is the shedding of dead skin cells from the scalp. Itchiness is the common symptom of this aesthetically unpleasant scalp disorder, for it causes shredded white flakes to fall from your head.

Tinea Capitis, also known as the ringworm of the hair, is characterized by patches of bald spots caused by fungal infections on our scalp. This disease also causes the hair to break close to the scalp. It is a important thing to know that Tinea Capitis can be transmitted to other people. The moment another person gets to sleep on your pillow, that “ringworm” will attack his or her scalp as well. If not prevented or treated, this can cause hair loss.

Sleeping with wet hair is, in every way, bad for you. The above mentioned disadvantages of sleeping with wet hair are really alarming, especially when the worst case happens. If you cannot prevent yourself from sleeping with wet hair, it is advised that you adjust your shower time. Instead of taking a shower at night, have a morning bath. It will not just keep you fresh all day, but it will help you prevent acquiring the aforesaid troubles.