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5 Tips to Having a Good Day’s Sleep

The quality of your sleep will determine the quality of your waking hours.

Most companies operate 24 hours a day- be it fast food, coffee shops, restaurants, hospitals and call centers – this creates demand for employees who are willing to work the night shift. Indeed, most people prefer to work during the night because the pay is better, but it does take a toll on your body since your body clock gets messed up. One of the key challenges that you will surely face while working the graveyard shift is having to sleep during the day.

I myself work in a call center which requires a graveyard shift and I know how difficult it can be to get proper sleep during the day. I got sick often during my first few months at work due to lack of sleep, so I always make sure that I find ways to have a well-rested body.

Here are some tips on how to have a good day’s sleep for those whose work requires them to be up and alert during the night:

·         Never pig out at the end of your shift. Your body will surely have a hard time burning calories with a full tummy. If you must eat, go for food that will help induce sleep.

·         Never work out right after you get home and before you go to sleep. Last time I did it? It kept me energized and wide awake for hours on end. You can do so, before leaving for work.

·         Say NO to coffee and YES to drinking plenty of water. A yummy frapuccino from your favorite coffee shop may sound tempting, but last time I indulged in one before I went home, it kept me awake for almost 48 hours and I felt really sick. Keep your body well-hydrated with water instead, especially during these hot summer months.

·         Target 8 hours of sleep. The quality of your sleep will determine the quality of your waking hours. Every time that I lack sleep, I notice that it affects my ability to think properly and respond quickly; Moreover, I easily get irritated, moody and I easily get sick.

·         Prepare your room. Make sure that the room you are sleeping in will muffle the noise of the busy day outside and is dark enough for you to snooze away without disruption. Most importantly, having the right mattress will make a difference to your day time slumber. In order to get the best quality of sleep possible, I sleep on an orthopedic mattress. It is made of memory foam which not only supports my back, but it also offers exceptional comfort and cleanliness. Aside from the mattress, make sure to also get pillows that give you the right support. Truly, my Uratex mattress and pillows help me sleep more soundly – my sleep rarely gets interrupted, and I wake up happy, knowing I had enough rest to sustain me for the night.