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6 Reasons Why Every Growing Family Will Love Having a Sofa bed

Families in their early years tend to be very close-knit. Young couples tend to be still very much in love, and when children are thrown into the mix, a lot of time and effort is spent to raise them well. These early interactions tend to occur at home, and they will continue for years; that’s just how life works. Whether they bond on a sofa, a bed, or even just a lounge chair, every family needs to spend quality time together.

And when a family is just getting started, they need to make a lot of adjustments. The parents are still trying to figure out how to effectively raise their child. For many young couples, the home is still a work in progress. And they might still be figuring things out with their own relationship. In the midst of all this chaos and growth, they need a piece of furniture than can adapt to their needs; they need a flexible, user-friendly sofa bed perfect for the formative years.

Save space

Sofa Bed Save Space

Photo courtesy of jarmoluk via Pixabay

Many young couples don’t have a lot of living space. Some might still be sharing a home with their parents or in-laws. Others might have their own residence, but they’re likely not able to afford a decent-sized house right away.

For a lot of households that are just getting started, even a three-bedroom rental space is unaffordable. According to numbeo.com, a three-bedroom apartment in Metro Manila’s city center can cost around 80,000 pesos a month. In Makati, it’s 115,000 pesos. Rates are much better in Mandaluyong (35,000 pesos) and Quezon City, (19,500 pesos), but those prices are still a heavy burden for a lot of people.

Given the limited living space most couples can afford, they need to find ways to save space. And as far as space-saving furniture goes, sofa beds are one of the best options. By having the option to sleep in the living room, those who can’t afford much real estate yet can make the most of what they have.

Value for money

Sofa Bed Value for Money

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Buying a sofa and bed in the Philippines can be expensive, especially since you’re buying two pieces of furniture. Sofa beds are specialized pieces of furniture, so they tend to be more expensive than ordinary sofas. But buying just one versatile piece, like the Ohana sofa bed, is still better than separately buying a sofa and a bed.

Growing Family will love Ohana Modular Sofabed

Photo courtesy of Uratex Philippines

And families can do different activities on a sofa bed. When it’s configured as a couch, they can sit back and watch their favorite shows or play video games together throughout the afternoon. As a bed, it’s perfect for afternoon naps, playing board games or just doing simple bonding activities. The sofa bed can be adjusted depending on what the family decides to do together.

Accommodate guests

Growing Families Sofa Bed Accomodate Guests

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Filipinos are famous for their hospitality, so it’s important to make sure visitors are comfortable. The young parents may need to ask their own parents for advice on raising their baby, or perhaps they’ll want to arrange a playdate for their young child.
And the visitors will keep coming as time goes on. Of course, there are reunions during Christmas and the New Year; teenagers may want to hold sleepovers, or they may invite their classmates over for a group project; and families may have to play host to a relative from out of town.

Growing Families Loves Neo Sofa Bed

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Because of its flexible features, a sofa bed for families can also be used to accommodate guests who suddenly drop in. Traditionally, gracious Filipino hosts would entertain guests in the living room and, in case they stay overnight, arrange a bed for them to sleep in; it wouldn’t even be unusual for homeowners to give up their beds. But a piece of furniture like the Neo sofa bed is perfect for guests to sit on and, if they need to, sleep in comfortably.

Create extra space at a moment’s notice

Growing Families Sofa Bed Create Extra Space

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There’s no such thing as a maintenance-free house. Every year, there’s bound to be something that requires repair, renovation or general upkeep. A light bulb needs to be changed; a leak has to be patched up; the floor has to be swept. When you need to do those things in the living room, it’s useful to have a sofa bed that can be folded up and moved to another room as needed.

Additions may also be needed for the house. Many children are given their own living spaces as they grow older; the parents recognize that adolescents and teenagers need privacy, so they may have to add new bedrooms and bathrooms. As these home improvements happen, the furniture has to be moved to clear a path for the laborers.

And consider what happens when growing families buy new furniture or appliances. The delivery men have to haul the item into the house, of course; for many households, that means passing through the living room. Assuming the living room includes a sofa bed from Uratex, it can be folded up and set aside to create a path for movers to pass through.

Adapt to life’s changes

Growing Families Sofa Bed Adapt to Changes

Photo courtesy of andrewicus via Pixabay

As the years go by, families can expect to change the layout of their homes. Imagine a mother and father who, after raising their baby boy together for eight years, find out they have a little girl on the way, so they have to get a new baby room built. Or as the family is able to afford more furniture, they can add more seats and chairs to the living room. And sometimes, by chance or by choice, an in-law may decide to move in.

Growing Families Love Grandis Sofa Bed

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A sofa bed for families can be reconfigured for these changing circumstances. It can be folded up to take up less space, or it can be unfolded into a bed for a new household member’s comfort. No one really knows what life can bring, so having a piece of furniture that can be easily adjusted, such as the Grandis sofa bed, is very important.

When it’s time to move on

Growing Families Sofa Bed When Its Time to Move On

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There comes a point where we outgrow the spaces we’ve called home for years. A growing family may have to move to a larger residence. A son or daughter may decide to move away for any number of reasons. Life is full of goodbyes, which often come with tears and fond memories.

Of course, the ones who go don’t have to leave everything behind. A decent sofa bed is perfect for home use, and since it’s adaptable, it really doesn’t matter which home it goes to. Families who move out can easily take a Uratex sofa bed with them. Adult children who move away can also take the sofa bed with their parents’ blessing, and it could be a valuable memento of years past.

Growing Families Loves Uratex Sofa Bed

Photo courtesy of Uratex Philippines

For large homes or small, a sofa bed for a growing family is a great way to foster relationships. Life is full of twists and turns, and no one really knows what tomorrow may bring. One day, a new member enters the household, and the next thing you know there’s one person less. But even as family members move on, the ones who are left behind will still love them — and save room for when they come home.