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Your Handy Guide to Finding the Perfect Sofa Bed

Good things mostly come in twos, especially for practical Filipinos who prefer two-in-one products (like your typical shampoo-and-conditioner) rather than buying them separately. Dual-purpose things simplify your life by helping you save space and money. Same goes for sofa beds. Their versatility gives you the best of both worlds—you’ve got two pieces of furniture in one compact package. No wonder that a lot of money-smart Pinoys are looking for a sofa bed for sale in the Philippines for their condo or apartment.

Shopping around for the perfect sofa bed for your family? To get the best value for your hard-earned money, you need to choose one wisely. Consider these seven factors to find the best sofa bed in the Philippines.

1. Your needs

Sofa Bed Needs

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The best sofa bed for your home depends on your specific needs. What will it be mainly used for: sitting or sleeping? Do you often accommodate guests who stay overnight? Do you plan to use a sofa bed as a sitting spot in your bedroom where your family can relax while playing computer games, watching TV or reading books?

Consider these things as you begin your search for the right sofa bed. Some sofa beds are built for sitting comfort while others are better for sleeping. So from the get-go, decide which sofa bed function you’ll need it for—whether as an extra bed for your guests in the living room or as part of the lounging area in your bedroom.

2. Comfort and material quality

Sofa Bed Comfort

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Whatever sofa bed you choose, never compromise comfort. Make sure that your new sofa bed will provide maximum comfort by checking its mattress and covering.

Mattress quality can spell the difference between a sore back and a comfortable sleep. If a foam mattress is too soft, sitting or lying on it will feel like you’re sinking. On the other hand, a mattress that’s too firm can cause back pains.

The ideal sofa bed has just the right thickness and firmness to support the back, shoulders, and hips. Look for mattresses with at least 6-inch thickness and medium firmness, which is comfortable enough for anyone regardless of body weight. This is the minimum requirement for a mattress to be converted into a sofa bed.

Also, look for sofa beds wrapped in fabric instead of leather. Fabric is more comfortable than leather, not to mention that it’s less expensive and easier to clean.

How to know which sofa beds meet these standards for comfort? Test them out in a furniture shop or warehouse with a friend or partner before buying one. Lie down in various sleeping positions. Sit with the bed folded up so that you know how it feels to sit on it. Touch the surface to check how each sofa bed feels in your hands.

Sofa beds from Uratex fit the bill when it comes to comfort, as all of them have medium firmness, 7.5-inch thickness, and fabric coverings like velvet, polyester and cotton.

3. Your budget

Sofa Bed Budget

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It’s tempting to take home a sofa bed you’ve fallen in love with at first sight. But can you afford it? Consider your budget and determine how much you can afford. Sofa bed prices in the Philippines can go for as low as Php4,000 to as high as over Php20,000. It doesn’t make sense to pay a steep price when you can save more money for a cheap sofa bed in the Philippines that doesn’t scrimp on quality.

Budget-friendly prices are among the great reasons for buying a sofa bed from Uratex. In fact, you can buy a superior-quality Uratex sofa bed for about one-third of the price of competitor brands.

4. Functionality

surprise with a wall bed

Photo courtesy of Uratex Foam Philippines

You know you’ve made a smart purchase when the item is packed with a lot of useful features, like a Strata sofabed. The perfect combination of style and functionality, this multipurpose home furniture easily converts into a couch, lounge, and bed—making this convertible sofa bed in the Philippines ideal for both seating and sleeping.

Geared for both comfort and convenience, the Strata sofa bed features a higher backrest than regular sofa beds for additional back support and can be easily assembled and folded up by just one person.

5. Style

hide it away

Photo courtesy of Uratex Foam Philippines

Your new sofa bed should match the existing design in your home. It will serve as your room’s focal point, so better have one that’s pleasing to the eyes, like the Cosmo sofa bed. Its modern and sleek details—from the contoured and rounded finish to the attractive, neutral-toned Dobby fabric—makes it a great addition to condos and apartments with a modern and chic design.

6. Size

Sofa Bed Size

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All great features of a sofa bed are useless if you can’t fit it into your space. What furniture size can your room accommodate? Don’t make it hard for yourself (or the delivery guys) to squeeze an oversized sofa bed through your door. Measure the area where you’ll place the sofa bed, as well as your door’s height and width.

You also need to measure the sofa bed (both when it’s folded up and fully opened) you’re considering to buy. The one with the right size should fit your room perfectly when used either as a sofa or a bed.

7. Warranty

As with purchasing any kind of furniture, it’s important to check the warranty first. You don’t want to take chances with a sofa bed that looks good when you take it out of the furniture shop but wears out after only a few months.

All Uratex sofa beds come with a 3-year warranty, giving you protection and peace of mind for your hard-earned purchase.

Be a smart home furniture shopper—consider all the important factors before you buy a sofa bed. For a great selection of sofa beds that meet all these seven criteria, trust Uratex to provide you exactly that.