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Do You Smell It? 10 Health Hazards of a Nasty Room

Did you know that our sense of smell stays active even during sleep? Our body constantly reacts to the surrounding smell even while we’re drifting away in our dreams. However, if the bedroom is stinky and dirty, the serious health hazards can be more terrifying than a nightmare.

While kids with smelly bedrooms lose significant amount of sleep—thus, affecting them not only at home, but also their performance in school—and you realize this with their constant complaining, it is important to know that adults can also experience the same effects of a bad-smelling bed space. In fact, SleepMed says that 40% of adults who suffer from sleep deprivation and insomnia are affected annually. To avoid further serious damage caused by a stinking sleeping environment, you need to know how bad odor inside the bedroom affects you and your health.


1. Permanently impaired smell

permanently impaired smell

You think that your smelly bed can only assault your sense of smell for a temporary period? Well, think again. The health risks of a bad odor can impair your sense of smell for good. When that happens, you will be be unable to accurately rely on your nasal ability when eating food or detecting scents. The issue can also aggravate several medical conditions. If you already have nasal allergies or are susceptible to hay fever, then your stinky quarters will only make things worse for you. Further problems can be so serious that you will have to see a doctor to help you with your inability to smell properly.


2. Learning disabilities

The effects of a poor sleeping environment can damage your learning ability. The bedroom is usually a place where many people study, think, and even finish work. However, if the sleeping environment stinks, your cognitive functions will likely be compromised.

The issue goes beyond being distracted because of the smell. If the problem is not addressed, not being able to properly think can also be long-term struggle. Avoid this from happening by making sure your room is properly ventilated.


3. Insomnia and sleep disruption

insomia and sleep disruption

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Teenagers are usually scolded for putting themselves at risk to the negative health effects of a smelly bedroom. Many of them complain of insufficient sleep due to various factors. But did you know that a stinky bedroom can be a reason for their insomnia and disrupted sleep?

One great way to save you and your kids from sleepless nights is to have a long-term solution to awful smelling sleeping environment through the new Uratex Perfect Serenity Aura Fresh. It is developed with complex compounds that eliminate unpleasant smells from your body that accumulate over time. To boost proper sleep hygiene, it is also treated with Sanitized© that effectively protects against bacteria, molds, odor, and dust mites—giving you a cleaner sleeping environment.


4. Recurring migraine

recurring migraine

Do you wake up feeling tired and suffering from acute headache? Chances are it’s your smelly mattress that’s the culprit! If you keep on rebreathing the same bad air of your bedroom, then the headache can be a recurring migraine. Instead of feeling rested upon walking up, you will have to endure a pestering headache that can surely affect your productivity and health. Is this something you can totally relate with?


5. Develop asthma and breathing problems

Who doesn’t like things to be fast? But when it comes to addressing the toxic smells at home, not all quick solutions are good for your health. Many people think that using scented candles are romantic and fast solutions to a smelly room. However, despite the temporary scent—whether it’s pumpkin spice, evergreen or fragrant oils—using scented candles can backfire. You can develop asthma and breathing problems with continued use of scented candles. No amount of artificial scents can miraculously transform your smelly room to become clean and healthy.


6. Cancer

We’ve touched on scented candles and other related health hazards at home. Does it mean that canned air fresheners are the safer option? Far from it. Your health can be seriously compromised when you use air fresheners as they cause cancerous DNA mutations. Many of these fresheners contain the ingredient of formaldehyde, which can wreak havoc to your DNA and increase your risk of cancer. As cited by Daily Mail, incense smoke, among others, have “chemical particles which can become trapped in our lungs, causing potentially dangerous inflammatory reactions.”

sanitized mattress and accessories

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Simply avoid using them and instead opt for a more long-term solution. You may choose to get a sanitized mattress and accessories from Uratex Foam Philippines treated with Sanitized© technology to help you keep your sleeping environment free from health hazards and more. The variety of sleep care items offered also includes choices in size and other specialty options.


7. Damaged, watery eyes

damaged watery eyes

Photo courtesy of Derrick Tyson via Flickr, Creative Commons

The cigarette smoke that circulates in your bedroom can seriously affect your health and indoor environmental quality. It’s common knowledge that smoking is the number one cause of lung cancer, but substances from smelly materials are also serious threats. Apart from damaging your respiratory system, did you know that smoke and the stinky trace it leaves behind can also damage your eyes? Many people struggle with dry and watery eyes when exposed to outdoor elements or during seasonal changes. If you keep a dirty and stinky room, serious eye problems will likely be unavoidable and can go from bad to worse.


8. Inborn defect

inborn effect

It’s not just you who’s in danger because of the effects of bad odor at home. The smell and components of bad-smelling chemicals in your bedroom can also lead to birth defects. The stinky smell of phthalates, a group of chemicals found in plastics and artificial deodorizers, can impede the normal biological functioning of both your body and your child’s. Save your child from serious health problems by avoiding chemical-laden materials. To naturally purify bedroom smell, try using indoor plants like ferns, golden photos, and peace lilies.


9. Nausea and vomiting

Does your memory foam pillow have a weird, artificial smell? That could explain why you’re having unexplained headaches, nausea, and a sick feeling in the stomach. The unpleasant smell of poor quality pillows can affect your sinuses, causing the tissues inside to swell and get infected. If the issue still persists after several days, then it’s high time to replace your stinky pillow with a new one that’s made with environment-friendly materials.


10. Strained relationship and emotional health

strained relationship and emotional health

A disgusting room can be hazardous to your emotional health and affect your relationship with your partner. The human body naturally sweats during sleep, and if your mattress is not up to the task, the stinky smell that lingers can lead to a strained partnership. Save your relationship and sustain a healthy partnership by relying on a mattress that can wick away moisture and odor.

To avoid serious health and personal problems, employ additional smart tips for keeping the mattress clean, such drying it under the sun or investing in those made with synthetic fiber. To recap some general bedroom cleaning tips, keep your room ventilated and regularly clean things like the carpet and the sheets. Knowing these terrifying health hazards of a nasty-smelling bedroom should make your realize that your sleeping environment should above all support your overall well-being, not jeopardize it.