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The Healthy Sleep Series: The Possible Dangers of Wearing Ear Plugs

Earplugs for Sleeping

Dogs are barking. Your neighors decided to hold their karaoke singing contest on the same night. Maybe their own dogs are complaining in dog-speak that they need to maybe keep it down or just keep their masters’ dreams of becoming professional recording artists postponed or abandoned.

But you’re just there, lying on your bed staring with strained and tired eyes straight into the ceiling with contempt as your neighbor’s friend hit an awkward high note altogether, and you just want to mute it all. You hope that it’s as simple as hitting “mute” In a magical remote from that movie Click. But this is real life. And you’re not Adam Sandler.

So you start going through the possibilites of performing alternatives. You’re already too tired to go up to your neighbors and “politely” ask them to keep quiet, and deep in your mind you know that there’s a pretty big chance that they won’t, so you think to yourself… dang, if only I had earplugs.

Whoa, whoa. Are you sure? I mean, you might have experienced wearing earplugs before and you conclude that it’s relatively harmless. But is it really? Well, this article isn’t to create an abstract movement to prohibit wearing earplugs; we’re simply concerned about your health, since that’s what Uratex is all about. So what are the possible dangers of wearing ear plugs?

Audrey Hepburn wearing earplugs

  • Compacted Earwax

You know what earwax is, and it’s something we’d all prefer to keep in our ears (literally) rather than framed in a picture and hung on a wall. Yeah. It’s not exactly pleasant to look at. But that doesn’t change the fact that it resides in your ears to keep out dust, dirt, and all sorts of tiny things that naturally don’t belong in your ear canal.

But the danger of wearing ear plugs is that it pushes all that existing earwax further into your ears, hardening it, and most perilously, putting it dangerously close to your eardrum. And once that’s damaged, it’s gonna take a lot to repair it.

  • Dependence

Some people have certain sleeping habits that they employ to get themselves to sleep. For example it could be a habit, like tapping their foot, or wiggling their toes, or wriggling their fingers against the corner of a pillow. The list goes on. Some people can even only sleep peacefully if only they have a blanket or comforter over them, no matter what the temperature.

In the context of earplugs, some sort of unhealthy dependence to it might develop, and you don’t want that. Trust me. You might have a hard time sleeping unless you’re wearing earplugs. And given the previous point, it’s best to be avoided.

  • Irritations and Infections

Your body knows what it needs and what’s really part of it. Anything that’s foreign to it naturally doesn’t usually receive a full welcome ceremony hosted by your brain and your spine and your skin. The thing with earplugs is that they’re foreign objects. And your body’s way of saying “get out” is via irritations. The reason it naturally does this is to prevent infections. But why risk it, right?

  • Emergency Situations

Your neighbor (after singing karaoke) shouts “FIRE! Everyone, get out!” Maybe some spilled alcohol on a piece of upholstery and an electrical shortage caused a spark, and now your life is in danger. But you hear nothing. You’re still asleep. Hmm. Need I say more?

It’s dangerous. That’s why a balance is always important. There’s a big difference between too much ignorant comfort and being safely comfortable.

Here in Uratex, all we care about is your sleep-filled nights. We try to do our best to make it as comfortable as possible. Mattresses, beds, solving and avoiding sleep disorders are all part of a collective effor to ensure your comfort and health. But that doesn’t stop me from bidding you “Sweet dreams!”